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Hit Points: 120
Size: Large
Supply: 2
Cost: 150 100
Build Time: 60
Trained at: Starport
Requires: Factory, Starport

Energy: 200 (Upgrade to 250)
Ground Attack: 8 (Upgrade to +3)
Air Attack: 20e (Upgrade to +6)
Range: 5
Sight: 7
Armor: 0 (Upgrade to +3)
Production Hot key: W

The versatile, one man Wraith fighters are a new addition to the Colonial space forces. Traditionally, most space battles took place between the large capitol ships and medium gunships, but Tarsonian technicians found that small, dynamic high-speed fighters could repeatedly deal damage to large ships while still evading most defensive battery attacks. The Wraith is armed with both air-to-air missiles and a versatile burst laser for ground attacks, and is equipped with the latest in ECM and Stealth technology.

The Wraith has an 8 normal damage ground laser attack. At only 8 damage a hit, ground lasers are best used against ground targets that cannot attack back such as Siege Tanks, Firebats, Zealots, or against low hit point units that can be more quickly killed and resource gatherers mainly. Given enough time, Wraiths can kill any unit, but quite often the enemy will be able to send in anti-air units or retreat to towers before Wraiths can kill ground targets.

The Air-to-Air missile damage of the Wraith is 20 Explosive (50% damage to Small Units 75% damage to Medium Units). This makes uncloaked Wraiths more suited to attacking Large air units such as Terran(Wraiths, Battlecruisers and Science Vessels), Protoss(Arbiters, Carriers, Shuttles), Zerg(Overlords, Guardians, Queens). When cloaking is employed, Wraiths work well against a greater assortment of units.

Wraiths can be used to attack ground targets unable to return fire such as Siege Tanks (mainly), and also Firebats, Protoss Zealots, and Zerg Zerglings. This is largely a scare tactic against the enemy because unless you have a large number of Wraiths, they have difficulty killing ground targets with their 8 damage lasers. Look for openings where the enemy has no anti-air defenses, and send your Wraiths in to attack the enemy.

An old strategy found also with Submarines in Warcraft 2, is to use a few Cloaked Wraiths to scare the enemy into thinking that is going to be your main strategy. Then while the enemy spends time and resources on anti-air and cloak detection, send in an attack of largely land forces which the enemy will be lacking of due to their expenditure into anti-Cloaked Wraith technology. The goal is to trick the enemy into thinking you are heading one direction in strategy while you are heading in another.

To produce a significant number of Wraiths, build two to three Starports. Wraiths take quite a while to train, and training out of one Starport will mean it will take some time to build up a large force of Wraiths.

The Wraith's main strength lies in its ability to cloak. The use of Cloaking is instrumental to the effectiveness to the Wraith such as Siege Tank mode is to Siege Tanks.

Unless your Wraiths are Cloaked, Avoid attacking superior air enemies such as Mutalisks. Mutalisks are considered a Small sized unit. Wraiths do explosive damage so they will only do 50% damage to Mutalisks. Also since Mutalisks are only 100 Minerals/100 Gas, and Wraiths 150 Minerals/100 Gas, Zerg players can have a lot more Mutalisks than you have Wraiths because minerals are easier and faster to mine in most cases than gas.

Use Cloaking against Protoss Scouts and Carriers, as well as Battlecruisers, to win against these superior units.

Send Cloaked Wraiths to explore the map and spy on the enemy. Unless they happen to run by a cloak detection unit (and the enemy notices it), you can often cruise around the map with impunity.

Seek out and destroy Zerg Overlords scouting the map. Target mining operations that don't seem to have any cloak detection. Harass units that are not able to attack air targets.


Terran Counters

  • Terrans have to be very careful not to be caught by a cloaked Wraith attack. Build Bunkers around your SCVs mining Minerals as that is the main target by cloaked Wraiths. Make sure you have a Comsat Station and Marines with Stim Pack to engage the Wraiths.

  • If there are only a few Wraiths, use Ghosts to Lock them down and finish them off with Marines or Goliaths.

  • Large groups of Wraiths can be defeated by large groups of Battlecruisers. Science Vessels or the Comsat Station should be used to counter the cloaking ability of the Wraith.

Protoss Counters
  • Protoss players can use Dragoons in combination with Shield Batteries.

  • Templars Psionic Storm can be used to attack collections of Wraiths in combination with Observers.

  • Archons can work their way through groups of Wraiths very easily. The 8 ground damage lasers have quite a hard time working their way through the Archon's 350 shields. If the Terran player uses EMP against your Archons, the Wraith can destroy the Archon in two shots.

  • Scouts really rip through Wraiths but because of their increased cost, you may not have as many of them as the enemy has Wraiths. Observers should be used with the Scouts to counter the cloaking abroad on the map.

Zerg Counters
  • Zerg must use Overlords to spot the cloaked Wraiths. Because Overlords are slow and have no natural ability to cloak, they should be easy to spot and destroy unless the enemy packs groups of units over them, such as Mutalisks.

  • Spore Colonies should provide enough protection in your town, Wraiths have quite a time trying to destroy them. Use Hydralisks around the map with Overlords.

  • Mutalisks can also work fine as you can usually have quite a few more Mutalisks than Wraiths.

  • Cast a Dark Swarm and hide Hydralisks under it, then engage groups of Wraiths. The Wraiths will not be able to attack the Hydralisks under the Dark Swarm.

  • Scourge groups of Wraiths. Ensnare them first to make it easier.

  • Parasite Wraiths, this negates their cloaking ability.

  • Plague groups of Wraiths then follow it up with a Mutalisk or Hydralisks attack.


Ship Weapons Upgrade Ship Weapons
Level 1: 100 100
Level 2: 150 150
Level 3: 200 200
Researching all of the Ship Weapons upgrades will increase ground lasers by +3, and air-to-air missiles by +6 (+2 per upgrade)

Ship Weapons Upgrade Ship Plating
Level 1: 150 150
Level 2: 225 225
Level 3: 300 300
Researching all of the Ship Armor upgrades will increase armor by +3 (+1 per upgrade)

Apollo Research Apollo Reactor
200 200
(+50 Wraith energy)
If you're using Cloaking, this upgrade is a necessity. Apollo Reactor gives Wraiths increases the top limit of energy to 250. 50 extra energy per ship allows your Wraiths to cloak much longer without being revealed.

Special Abilities

Cloaking Research Cloaking Field
150 150
Cost: 25 Energy to cloak + 1 Energy/second to remain cloaked
Once Cloaking Field is researched, Wraiths have the ability to cloak. Cloaking works exactly the same as it does with the Ghost. Only Detectors and some abilities will reveal Wraiths as long as there is enough energy. It costs 25 energy to initially activate Cloaking. Once the Wraith is cloaked, the energy of the Wraith slowly decreases until it reaches 0. Once the energy has reached 0, the Cloaking field wears off and the Wraith cannot cloak again until it has at least 25 energy.

Cloaked Wraiths can be revealed by Terran (Scanner Sweep, Science Vessels, Missile Turrets), Protoss (Observers, Photon Cannons), Zerg (Overlords, Spore Colonies, Casting Ensnare or Plague around an area) You need to know exactly what things can reveal your Cloaked Wraiths.

Take advantage of additional expansion towns that don't have cloak detection or air defenses. Quite often the enemy will be lax in its protection against cloaked Wraiths.

If the enemy is lacking in Cloak Detection, hide two or more Starports and build up a force of Wraiths. You want to avoid letting the enemy know what you are planning as to catch them by surprise with bad or no cloaking detection. If the enemy spots your Starports, they might be tipped off to your plans. Research Cloaking in one Control tower, and Apollo Reactor in the other for additional energy. Once both upgrades have completed, send in your Wraiths. Most likely, this will only be largely effective the first time you use this against the enemy as they will now know what you are doing. You must take advantage of the time available to you before the enemy is able to get some cloak detection or until your cloak wears off. If you have the ability to prevent the enemy from reaching cloak detection, do so:

Terran Counters
For the Terrans they will most likely start building an Engineering bay. It might be very difficult for you to prevent that building from being completed with only 8 damage ground lasers. If you have enough Wraiths and the enemy doesn't repair the building as it is being attacked, you might be able to pull it off. If they already have an engineering bay, they will try to build missile towers. Attack SCVs trying to build the turrets. Unless the enemy attempts to build a lot of missile turrets at once (which good players will do) than you can keep them from getting their missile turrets up for quite a while (or until your cloak detection wears off). If the Terrans have a Comsat Station, they will use a Scanner Sweep to reveal your Wraiths and this strategy will not be as effective.

Protoss Counters
The surprise Cloaking attack is most damaging against the Protoss. Some players will build largely Zealots ignoring both anti-air units and defenses as well as not continuing up the tech tree to Observers. Upon discovering your cloaked attack they will most likely attempt to build Observers (which takes quite a while), and/or build Photon Cannons to reveal your Wraiths. If they attempt to build Photon Cannons, they will usually have a difficult time building their Photon Cannons so they cover their entire town. You can often find areas to attack that the Photon Cannons do not cover. Your main focus should be to attack the resource gatherers (Probes) and/or prevent the enemy from reaching Cloak detection or anti-air defenses. Focus on killing Probes mining gas as this is necessary to build Observers, and all anti-air units except Photon Cannons. You will find the surprise cloaking attack will work best against the Protoss overall.

Zerg Counters
This strategy is less effective against Zerg because of their ample cloak detection via the Overlord. A Zerg player only needs to send a Overlord to the area and use Hydralisks (which most Zerg players have plenty of). If you plan to use this against the Zerg, use it on expansion towns with no defenses where the enemy might find difficulty reaching the battle.

The only portable Protoss detection unit is the Observer. When your cloaked Wraiths are not being attacked near any Photon Cannons, you can be sure enemy is using an Observer. Use a Scanner Sweep with your Comsat station to reveal the Observer (Hot Keying the Comsat to make this process faster) and kill it with your Wraiths. If the enemy is only using one Observer (which they often are), you can attack with impunity again. The enemy might only have a few Observers, with no Observer nearby opening them to attack by your Cloaked Wraiths again. If the enemy isn't clued into your killing of their Observer, this can be effective for quite a while.

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