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Hit Points: 60
Size: Small
Supply: 1
Cost: 50 25
Build Time: 30
Trained at: Barracks
Requires: Academy
Energy: 200 (Upgrade to 250)
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None
Range: None
Sight: 9
Armor: 1 (Upgrade to +3)
Dropship Carries: 8 Medics
Production Hot key: C

The Medics of the United Earth Directorate follow a time-honored tradition of selflessly marching into combat zones to aid their injured brethren. These fearless women, aided only by protective shielding, are highly skilled healers capable of restoring the health and vitality of wounded soldiers. Medics can even cure various Zerg infestations such as Parasite or Ensnare.

The Medic's primary function is to support combat units by healing Terran infantry units. The Medic's secondary role is to remove harmful and annoying special abilities and occasionally harass the enemy with Optic Flares.

Controlling Medics with other Troops
You may find that Medics sometimes charge into the enemy and die rather than healing your combat troops... or do they? The key to controlling Medics with Marines, Firebats or even Ghosts is keeping the Medics in the rear of your formation. If you send the Medics in first using the attack move command, they charge right into the enemy or past them (depending on where you clicked) and only return when the following Marines and Firebats become damaged. By the time the Medics double back and attempt to heal your Marines and Firebats, those units may be dead. If you keep the Medics in the rear, the Marines and Firebats will reach the enemy first, take damage, and the Medics will step in to heal. Formation is key when using Medics in conjunction with other troops.

When Medics are grouped with other infantry and the Attack Move command is used, target the Attack Move slightly in front of the enemy instead of behind it. This will help prevent the Medics from charging too far ahead after their escort stops to fight.

Invasion Forces
Medics are a great addition to an invasion force of Marines traveling in Dropships. Fill up Dropships with a mix of Marines and Medics then land in the enemy mining operations.

High Ground Assaults
A good mixed high ground assault force includes Siege Tanks, SCVs (to repair the Tanks and build Missile Turrets and Bunkers), Marines (to attack air targets), and Medics (to heal the Marines and SCVs). In this picture a force of 3 Dropships takes the high ground on Level 3 of the Terran Campaign in Brood War.


Infantry Armor  Infantry Armor  
Level 1: 100 100
Level 2: 175 175
Level 3: 250 250
Researching these three upgrades at the Engineering Bay will increase the armor of your Medics by +3 (+1 per Level).

Caduceus Reactor Research Caduceus Reactor  
150 150
(+50 Medic energy)
This upgrade increases the top energy limit to 250. This is a must when using the Medic's abilities. Medics can not only heal more often but they can also use the extra energy for Restoration and Optic Flares.

Special Abilities

Medic Healing Heal - Cost: 1 Energy for every 2HP healed
Range: 2
While expendable, the massive losses of Terran Marines during the Great War began to become cost prohibitive. The Medic's use of chemical modifiers has greatly enhanced the survival rate of UED forces, lengthening the expected battlefield life expectancy to over nine seconds.

The Medic starts with this ability and may use it to heal damage done to any ground biological units, including the Protoss Zealot, Dark Templar, High Templar and all Zerg ground units.

Medics heal automatically. If a ground unit that requires healing comes in range, the Medics will automatically move to heal them unless you instruct them to do otherwise.

A damaged unit can only be healed by one Medic at a time. Commanding multiple Medics to heal the same damaged unit will not increase the speed of recovery.

Having Medics in the field can allow both Marines and Firebats to use their dangerous Stim Packs much more liberally. Normally Marines can only use 3 Stim Packs. If you have Medics healing (1 per Marine) they can increase the amount of Stim Packs making their use unlimited provided the Marines are not being hit by the enemy. If the Marines are taking a lot of damage from the enemy, just add some more Medics. If you have enough Medics and Energy you can use unlimited Stim Packs as long as the Medics are healing the damage from using Stim Packs and damage from the enemy.

The Medic/Marine combo attack is one the most effective uses of Medics. This combination can allow you to destroy larger more costly groups of enemy units. Stim Pack the Marines and allow the Medics to heal them, then repeat. If you have enough Medics, you can not only keep all the Marines healed but also heal any Medics that are damaged during the battle. The same can be done with Firebats and Medics, or a mix of Firebats and Marines depending on what type of enemy you are facing. (Use more Firebats against Zealots and Zerglings)

The Medic can also heal SCVs. Place a few Medics around SCVs mining Minerals and Vespene Gas so that they will heal any SCVs that take damage during an attack.

Medics can automatically heal allies' biological ground units. Medics are effective when used in combination with Zerg Hydralisks and even more so with Zerg Ultralisks. They can also be used with Protoss Zealots although they won't be able to recharge damaged shields. Put Medics around allies' workers to help them survive surprise attacks. Spread the healing to everyone!

Medics do not heal units inside of Bunkers or Dropships. To heal units inside Dropships or Bunkers you must remove them.

Medic Restoration Research Restoration 100 100
Cost: 50 Energy
With the introduction of nano-conveyed anesthetic and attenuated laser technology, surgery has made amazing advancements. The death rate resulting from the emergency removal of foreign objects or alien viruses is at an all-time low, making such treatment in the field routine.

The Medic may use this ability on any unit to remove harmful effects such as Lockdown, Optic Flares, Irradiate, Devourer Acid Spores, Plague, Ensnare and Parasites (does not affect Stasis Field).

Restore is useful in removing permanent and damaging effects. Removing Parasites is one of the best uses of this ability as Parasites give away critical strategic information. Removing the effects of Optic Flare is another very good use of Restoration. Terran opponents might be less inclined to use Optic Flare against you knowing you have Medics of their own, but if they do use the ability, Restoration is available to quickly counter it.

Restore does not affect an area effect, meaning that affects a single target per use. If you want to counter the effects of an area effect abilities (Plague, Ensnare, Maelstrom) you must do it one unit at a time.

Unlike Healing, Medics do not restore automatically. This is by design. You must direct the Medic to Restore the affected targets.

Restoration is the best counter to Lockdown. For only 50 energy you can instantly remove the effects of Lockdown. Because Medics are ample, much more so than Ghosts, this is a very cost effective counter to this particularly disabling effect. Having Medics might discourage enemy Terran players from using this ability against you.

Restoration can instantly remove the effects of Irradiate. This is a little known fact that you can use to your advantage if you are provided the opportunity (i.e. having Medics near to cast Restoration)

Restoration can remove the Devourer's Acid Spores. Use Restoration to prevent the enemy from using Devourers to their advantage.

If you have enough Energy, Medics have the potential to remove the effects of area attack effects such as Plague, Ensnare and Maelstrom. If you are going to try this, target larger and costlier units first then work your way down the rest of the units. Unless you're under attack, it's easier to wait until the effects of Maelstrom and Ensnare wear off. Plague, however, does serious damage to units so remove it as quickly as possible.

You cannot use Restoration on Defensive Matrix or Stasis Field.

Medic Optic Flare Research Optical Flare 100 100
Cost: 75 Energy
The sole defensive armament of the Medic is the A-13 Flash Grenade Launcher. Originally designed as a way to provide illumination to the battlefield, both the delivery system and the projectile have been modified to discharge a maximum burst in the visible white light as well as ultra-violet spectrum. This has the side effect of severely damaging the retinas or photo-optic receptors of any targeted unit.

The sight range of the targeted unit is permanently reduced to 1 matrix, unless the condition is Restored by a Medic. This also removes any detection ability that unit may possess. The affected unit will display a 'Blinded' tag in its information box when selected.

Often dismissed as being "silly", Optic Flare does have its uses. Optic Flare reduces the sight range to 1 but it doesn't prevent the unit from firing on anything normally within range if it can be seen. If another unit is around to spot for the Blinded unit, the Blinded unit can still attack normally. Therefore, to get the full effect of Optic Flare you must Blind all of the units in a given area, or a single unit while it's off on its own.

Because Terrans can Restore Optic Flare with their own Medics (if they have it researched), Optic Flares are sometimes less effective against other Terran players. If your opponent doesn't have Restoration, you can Blind Siege Tanks, Battlecruisers, Dropships and Science Vessels.

The Zerg and Protoss cannot remove Optic Flares so this is much more damaging to them. They can however Restore damaged units with Terran allies but this requires good communication between the allies. Protoss players might be able to steal a Medic (and hope it has Restoration) or build up to Medics by stealing a SCV using the Dark Archon's Mind Control ability. These situations, however, are rare.

Optic Flares are especially good to use on expensive units such as Zerg Guardians, Queens, Lurkers, Devourers and especially Overlords. Optic Flare is also effective against Protoss Carriers, Arbiters, Observers, Dark Archons and Shuttles. High Templars, Dark Archons, Queens and Defilers are greatly damaged by Optic Flare because they will now require a unit to spot for them before they can use their abilities.

Optical Flare removes the detecting ability of Overlords, Observers and Science Vessels, although Terrans can simply use Restoration to fix their Science Vessels. Observers are cloaked so often it is usually easier to destroy them than blind them. But Overlords are common and easily caught, especially before evolving Pneumatized Carapace for faster Overlord movement. Optic Flares are very handy against Overlords as Zerg often only have a few Overlords supporting their offensive troops. A Zerg player cannot remove the Optic Flare so they are forced to send in a fresh Overlord. If you keep this strategy up against Zerg players it can be quite annoying and damaging to them. The Computer AI uses this strategy very effectively in single player missions.

This strategy does not work well for commonly available units that usually attack in groups such as Hydralisk, Zerglings, Zealots etc. If you Blind one Hydralisk the Overlord and other Hydralisks (or other ground units) can spot for the blinded Hydralisk.

If you Blind an Overlord the Zerg view of the battlefield is greatly reduced. The Overlord can no longer spot cloaked units, making the attack force vulnerable to Dark Templar, Cloaked Wraiths, and Lurkers. The Overlord is now only useful for providing supply and transporting (but now requires units to spot for it).

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