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Valkyrie Missile Frigate

Hit Points: 200
Size: Large
Supply: 3
Cost: 250 125
Build Time: 60
Trained at: Starport
Requires: Armory, Control Tower

Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: 6e per missile
(Upgrade to +3)
Range: 6
Sight: 8
Armor: 2 (Upgrade to +3)
Production Hot key: Y

The Valkyrie Frigates are a powerful addition to the UED's Expeditionary Fleet. The Valkyries' H.A.L.O. missiles are capable of reducing most conventional star fighters and airborne structures to rubble. The missiles are fired in volleys of eight, and impact within a large area of effect. The dispersal radius of its targeting system is designed to achieve maximum damage to not only its intended target, but also adjacent targets within the blast area. Valkyries are heavily armored, and can take substantial punishment from enemy fire before they suffer any core system failures.

The Valkyrie employs an air-to-air attack that issues a volley of eight small missiles at its target. The missiles impact not only on their target, but also damage any enemy units within a 3 x 3 matrix area. Each missile does a small amount of splash damage in this target area.

Use Valkyries according to the Air Balance Model. Valkyries are designed to be support units for air and ground units with the task of destroying packs of Wraiths, Mutalisks, and Scouts.

Valkyries have a few main enemies: any ground unit capable of firing at air targets, Battlecruisers, Carriers, Scourge and Devourers/Mutalisks.

Valkyries have no ground attack. Use hit and run tactics with Valkyries or combine them with ground troops such as Siege Tanks, Marines, and Goliaths to keep them alive.

Valkyries provide excellent air support for ground units. They can also be used in combination with the ground units of other species. There are many good combinations: Valkyries with Hydralisks, Devourers with Valkyries (Very deadly combo), Zealots and Valkyries, Zerglings and Valkyries. Valkyries also work well in combination with other species air units especially when used with Devourers and Hydralisks.

Area Attack
The Valkyrie has an area effect attack. For maximum effect, attack tightly packed groups of enemy units. The splash damage and overlapping H.A.L.O. missiles will make quick work of the enemy.
High Ground defense
Valkyries are great for countering transport invasions on high ground. Use them above your Siege Tanks adding in Missile Turrets and Goliaths for support. Any transport that comes close to this setup is brought down by a barrage of missiles.
Valkyries destroy Mutalisks
In this picture a force of a few Valkyries destroy large groups of Mutalisks on Level 6 of the Terran Campaign in Brood War.
Overlord Hunting
Without enough Overlords, Zerg players cannot evolve more units. Gather a group of Valkyries and send them Overlord Hunting. Zerg players often have their Overlords spread all over the map. Chase and destroy them with Valkyries. If you are attacked, retreat from battle and search out and ambush other undefended Zerg Overlords you may find.
Sneak into the back sides of Zerg towns. This is where groups of Overlords often gather. Aim for tightly grouped Overlord packs to get the maximum effect.
Use Defensive Matrix
Use Defensive Matrix to make Valkyries even stronger. With full Energy, a Science Vessel can place a Defensive Matrix on 2 Valkyries. Defensive Matrix can allow just a few Valkyries to overpower larger, more costly groups. When Defensive Matrix wears off you can use SCVs to repair the Valkyries during the battle.


Terran Counters

  • Use Goliaths with the Charon Booster upgrade.

  • Battlecruisers in numbers can easily destroy large groups of Valkyries. Defensive Matrix the Battlecruisers to give them the edge. Repair the Battlecruisers after or during battle.

  • Use Ghosts to Lockdown Valkyries.

  • Wraiths can defeat Valkyries using significantly larger numbers, Cloaking or a combination of both.

  • Place Missile Turrets and Bunkers around your bases. The Missile Turrets will have to be cleared before the Valkyries can safely attack.
Protoss Counters
  • Use Dragoons with Singularity Charge (Increased Dragoon Attack Range).

  • Place Photon Cannons around your base. Valkyries will be forced to retreat or pay the price.

  • Carriers in significant numbers can rip Valkyries apart. Fill Carriers with 8 Intercepters and upgrade them.

  • Use Psionic Storm.
Zerg Counters
  • Use a ground air unit combination of Hydralisks and Mutalisks/Devourers.

  • Use Hydralisks to catch the Valkyries while they are unprotected.

  • Use Scourge on Valkyries, 3 per Valkyrie.

  • Use Queens to Ensnare Valkyries. Combine with the Devourers' spore attack, to further weaken them.

Ship Weapons Upgrade Ship Weapons
Level 1: 100 100
Level 2: 150 150
Level 3: 200 200
Researching all of the Ship Weapons upgrades will increase missiles by +3 (+1 per upgrade).

Ship Plating Upgrade Ship Plating
Level 1: 150 150
Level 2: 225 225
Level 3: 300 300
Researching all of the Ship Armor upgrades will increase armor by +3 (+1 per upgrade)

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