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Hit Points: 150
Size: Large
Supply: 2
Cost: 150 100
Build Time: 50
Trained at: Factory
Requires: Barracks, Factory, Machine Shop for Siege Mode.

Ground Attack in Tank Mode:
30e (Upgrade to +9)
Ground Attack in Siege Tank Mode:
70e (Upgrade to +15)
Air Attack: None
Range: 6/12
Sight: 10
Armor: 1 (Upgrade to +3)
Dropship Carries: 2 Tanks
Production Hot key: T

The heavily armored AAV-5 Arclite Siege Tanks are renowned throughout the Confederacy for their cannons’ unrelenting barrages of plasma-charged doom and their stalwart emplacement/advance tactics. The Mjolnir Artillery Cannon is so powerful that the Tank must brace itself before deploying. Crew consists of a driver, gunner, and a commander/navigator.

Siege Tanks have an Explosive Attack (50% damage to Small Units 75% damage to Medium Units, and full damage to Large units). This means they are less effective against small units (Zerglings, Marines, Firebats, Zealots), and most effective against Large size units. The Opposite of Plasma/Concussive damage.

Because of their explosive attack, Tanks should be placed in their Tank form for moving purposes only. Try not to send your Tanks into battle in normal mode as they will only do full damage vs Large units. While Tanks can fire in Tank Mode, other cheaper units such as Marines, Goliaths, and Firebats should be used instead. The Tank is able to overcome the explosive attack against Small and Medium units while it is in Siege Tank mode because it is doing 70 damage + Splash Damage as compared to only 30 in Tank Mode. 70 Damage will severely damage most ground units.

Siege Tanks cannot be placed in Dropships while they are in Siege Mode. You sometimes find yourself in a situation where you have a Dropship, some Siege Tanks in Siege mode on high ground, and something such as a Zealot, or Zergling is attacking your Siege Tanks up close. Because they are in Siege Mode, they cannot fire on those units because they are too close. Move your Dropship over the Siege Tanks, while at the same time placing them back into Tank mode. If you're lucky, you can switch them and load them into the Dropship to retreat (Taking them somewhere to be repaired) before they are destroyed.

Tank Commanding
A skilled Terran Tank commander is very dangerous. To become one you must familarize yourself with the Tank and tank support.

Siege Tanks have splash damage (Such as Catapults in Warcraft 2) that will damage both your units as well as any enemy units, so you want to be careful to keep your troops away from targets your tanks are firing on or your own troops will be hit. Keep a nice distance between your Tanks so the Splash damage from your own or enemy Tanks will not take out all your Tanks at once. Prevent enemy units from reaching your tanks (using Marines). Tanks will fire on units such as Zealots or Zerglings attacking your Siege Tanks. Often they will destroy both the enemy and your own tank so it's very important to provide Marine/Goliath troop support with your Tanks to clean up any targets that make it past your Siege Tanks.

Tanks are vulnerable to attack when converting from Tank Mode to Siege Tank mode. Try to switch between these modes when the enemy is not attacking.

Tanks in Siege mode have a minimum firing distance. If a unit is too close to the Tank in Siege mode, it cannot fire at that unit. (It will give you a message, unit is too close) When fighting Siege Tanks, use this to your advantage by rushing your units up to that point where the Siege tanks can no longer fire on them. The Tank commander will be forced to either let the tank die or attempt to change out of Siege Tank Mode. Often you are faced with having a Siege Tank in Siege Mode being attacked by a unit such as a Zergling or Zealot. You cannot fire on them because they are beyond the minimum firing distance. In this situation, when there are no other troops to pick that troop off your Siege Tank, you are forced to convert your Siege Tank mode back into Tank mode. Often you do so only to have your tank die before it converts to Tank mode, but sometimes it works. Use SCVs to repair the tank during the heat of battle until the tank converts, or troops arrive to defend the helpless Siege Tank.

When attempting to charge a Tank with a ranged unit like a Hydralisk, Marine, Dragoon, select them then right click right in front of the Siege Tank. If you use attack move or attack, the units will stop as soon as they get in range of the Siege Tank. But Siege Tank will still be able to hit them. You will notice this when using Marines and Hydralisks. This is a common mistake people make. Instead you want to rush through all the fire until your units are within the minimum firing distance of the Siege Tank.

Infantry Support.

For the Tank Commander, it's beneficial to have Marine support to pick off units that get too close to your Siege Tanks. You may want to place those Marines up front, beside or behind your tanks. Goliaths can work too. If you do not have Marines, you can use other Siege Tanks to protect each other, but the splash damage of the Siege tank will damage your own Tanks. This can be offset by having a group of SCVs in the rear ready to repair.

In this picture, a large group of Marines with Stim Pack are preventing any enemy units from reaching the Siege Tanks while they fire from the rear.

Siege Tanks are very effective on high Ground. Whenever the opportunity arises, place (even Dropship) your tanks to higher ground. Send Goliaths to prevent the enemy from transporting units up to high ground to get your tanks if possible. With your tanks, bring some SCVs to repair the Tanks, if they are damaged. You can also use them to build Missile turrets on high ground to prevent your Siege Tanks from being attacked by Air units or to fire on transports

Tank Spotting
Siege Tanks in Siege Mode can fire further than the range of their vision. Therefore, it's up to you to extend their view allowing them to fire at greater range using units, or even buildings. You can use Marines up in front of your Tanks to prevent any units from getting close to your tanks and to spot for the tanks. Be warned that your Siege Tanks will often fire on the enemy and the splash damage sometimes kills the Marines in front of your Siege Tanks. Ghosts with the Sight upgrade work pretty well, especially when cloaked. You can even use Dropships on hold ground to spot. Wraiths, and especially Cloaked Wraiths also are good to put up front to spot for your Tanks but they will fire on the enemy revealing their presence therefore Dropships are usually better. If your Siege Tanks are defending your town, you can even lift-off a building and move it up ahead to spot for your Tanks. When you are on lower ground, your Siege Tanks can't fire on units on higher ground on their own, but if you use a flyer of some kind over the high ground, it will allow your Siege Tanks to see and fire at targets on high Ground. Also, if you have none of these units nearby to use for spotting, you can use the Comsat Station to cast Scanner Sweep (Especially easy when hot keyed) on the area to give your Siege Tanks range.

Dropships spotting for Tanks.

The Dropship is allowing the Siege Tank to see and fire on the Sunken Colony without being attacked by it. Marines are surrounding the Tank to finish off any unit that gets close to it.

Armed with only a Dropship with two Siege Tanks with Siege Mode, this offensive caused great damage to the enemy. This attack takes advantage of high ground (Units attacking from lower ground to higher ground only have a 70% chance to hit) Units with longer ranges, such as Siege Tanks, on high ground areas gives them a better field of vision and makes them much less vulnerable to attack.)

This setup, however is vulnerable to a Overlord landing. The Zerg enemy can put a few Zerglings or Hydralisks in an Overlord and land them right on top of the Tanks so the Tanks cannot fire on them (Because the target is too close). In this game, that is exactly what happened. The Zerg enemy landed a few Zerglings with an Overlord and attacked the Tanks. The Tanks went to Tank mode and retreated in the Dropship. The Dropship was then chased by Mutalisks. In this situation a few Marines would have defended the Tanks, and fought of the Mutalisk. It is best to combine this sort of attack, with another Dropship full of 8 Marines, to be placed around the Tanks for defense against a transport drop. More Dropships can be added, of course.

Marine spotting for Tanks.

A Marine can be seen being placed up front to spot for the Siege Tanks.

Hop Scotch Maneuver.

When attacking the enemy, you want to make sure you have some Siege tanks firing in Siege Mode at all time. When advancing, Siege Tank assaults often leave some Siege Tanks in the rear, out of range with no targets to fire at. In this situation, you want to leave the Siege Tanks up front in Siege Mode, while moving the Siege Tanks in the rear into Tank mode.

Move the rear Tanks forward to the front of your column and place them in Siege Mode. Move up the Marines in front of the Tanks to protect them. Continue on until the Siege Tanks in the rear have no more targets to fire on, and repeat this same procedure. Using this method, you always have some Siege Tanks in Siege Mode firing. This is much better than transforming all your Siege Tanks at once leaving a window where none are in Siege Mode firing.

Wall-in Tanks.

Sometimes you can build so that you can Wall-in a Siege Tank between buildings and Terrain. In this picture the Siege Tank is trapped between the buildings (by mistake), but it has the benefit of not being able to be reached by ground enemies. If the enemy attacked from that nearby higher ground, they could attack the Tank. But Zealots or Zerglings would be unable to reach the Tank until the buildings around are destroyed.


Vehicle Weapons Vehicle Weapons
Level 1: 100 100
Level 2: 175 175
Level 3: 250 250
Researching these three upgrades at the Armory will increase the Weapons by +9 (+3 per upgrade) in Tank mode, and by +15 (+5 per level) in Siege Mode.

At +3 in Tank mode, +5 Siege Mode per Weapons Upgrade, each upgrade is definitely worth it. The offensive upgrades are probably best researched before the defensive plating upgrades, if a choice is necessary.

Vehicle Plating Vehicle Plating
Level 1: 100 100
Level 2: 175 175
Level 3: 250 250
Researching these three upgrades at the Armory will increase the armor of your Tanks by +3 (+1 per upgrade)

Special Abilities

Ion Research Siege Tech - 150 150
This allows Siege Tanks to transform into Siege mode. It is the first upgrade you should research for your Tanks. It is not uncommon to research this before you have any Siege Tanks, or while your first Siege Tank is building.

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