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Massive Marines
Against large amounts of Marines and/or Firebats with StimPack build a lot of Bunkers in a close formation throughout your town. Your Bunkers should be built in tight clusters so that each Bunker is able to attack anything attacking the next nearest Bunker. If you place too much space between your Bunkers, the enemy can easily overpower them one by one.

When you are attacked, have all your SCVs repair your Bunkers. Repeatedly right click on the Bunkers to keep your SCVs repairing them. If you don't repeatedly right click, the SCVs will stop repairing once they've restored the Bunker to full Hit Points and might run away when attacked. This Bunker repairing method should allow you to survive any early attacks as long as your SCVs mining are protected. Place a few Bunkers around your SCVs mining.

Try to have your Marines Stim Packed inside the Bunkers. Unload them, StimPack, then get back inside the Bunker.

Once you've defended against a Marine rush, you have several options: try to rush as quickly as possible to Vultures, research Spider Mines and lay down formations of Mines outside your town. You can also choose to bypass the Vultures and head as quickly as possible to Siege Tanks, or do a mixture of both. Vultures are only 25 Minerals more apiece than a Marine. Combined with Spider Mines, and the ability to repair Vultures, enemy Marines/Firebats should be toast. You will need to build 2 or more Factories to quickly build enough Vultures to take the Marine threat because they will most likely have 3-4 Barracks building Marines.

Beware: Siege Tanks Ahead!
You should take care to make sure your enemy does not beat you to Siege Tanks. If you don't continue your push up the tech tree, you may find you are quickly attacked by lines of Siege Tanks outside your town, which is often very difficult to stop. Build a few Siege Tanks with Siege Mode for defense, then find out what the enemy is building for. If they are trying for a Siege Tank battle, make sure you have more and use them more effectively. Use Ghosts to Lockdown enemy Tanks, Defensive Matrix your own Tanks to make them last longer against enemy Tanks. Use Wraiths to attack them if the enemy does not go for air targets or doesn't protect them properly with Marines.

Control the High Ground
If there is high ground around your town, you must gain control of it, or prevent the enemy from gaining control of it. Something to watch out for is people who will defend their town, and then race as quickly as possible to Siege Tanks and Dropships. If you don't watch out, before you know it they will have unloaded Siege Tanks above your town to fire on it. If you don't have Dropships yourself, and you cannot reach those Tanks, your only choice will be to lift-off your buildings and move out of range. This is really something you should watch out for. If you have Wraiths available and the enemy doesn't defend their Siege Tanks you can use Wraiths to counter the attack. If you have no Wraiths available, but have a Dropship, place Marines in the Dropship and unload them directly on top of the Siege Tanks where they won't be able to return fire. If the enemy supports their Siege Tanks with Marines, you might not be able to fight them. Use Siege Tanks on low ground combined with ComSat to reveal the Tanks on High Ground. If you have more Tanks than the enemy, it might be possible to fire up the hill and destroy the Tanks.

Cloaked Wraiths
You shouldn't have too much trouble with cloaked Wraiths if you make use of the ComSat Station and hot keying. If you get attacked by Cloaked Wraiths, move Marines into the area, StimPack them and use ComSat to reveal the cloaked Wraiths. That should quickly get rid of of Wraith threat (if you have enough Marines). You can also use Missile Turrets to spot for cloaked Wraiths but you may find that using ComSat and Marines is easier and faster. Missile Towers are usually most effective if they are spread out across your town to prevent Ghosts from sneaking in, and to chase off Dropships. If you decide to race to cloaked Wraiths, you may find the best use for your Wraiths is to attack mining SCVs and Siege Tanks.

To defend against cloaked Wraiths, it's very important to have several Bunkers protecting your SCVs mining. If you do not, the enemy can quickly destroy all your SCVs. You should also try to build one or two Missile Turrets around that area to detect the Wraiths. If the Bunkers are attacked, repair them with your SCVs. If the SCVs are attacked, run them around the Bunkers making the enemy chase them. Pop your Marines out of the Bunker, StimPack, then get back inside.

Marine Drop
Protect your resources against the Dropship/Marine drop. Quite often the Terran enemy will load 8 Marines into a Dropship, then drop them off in the middle of your mining SCVs. Combined with StimPack, if you don't have any nearby defenses this will quickly kill all your SCVs and even your Command Center, placing you back into the Stone Age and possibly resulting in a mobility kill. Place a few Missile Turrets around your resources (they're a bargain at only 100 Minerals) and a few Bunkers there to take on any invasions.

Siege Tank Spotting
When fighting other Siege Tanks, it's VERY important to have range on them, meaning you can see and fire on them before they fire on you. This means using the ComSat Station or other units such as Dropships to reveal the enemy for your Siege Tanks to fire. Quite often Terran vs Terran games become Tank wars. It is up to you to have MORE Tanks than the enemy and use them more effectively by taking advantage of high ground, and further sight/firing through the use of spotters.

Remember, Vultures are very good for use against Marines, and Firebats. Spider Mines can be used to fight land troops of all kinds, although large groups of ranged units on Attack-Move may be able to destroy Mines as they activate. If the enemy does this to you, use ComSat to reveal the Mines, and use Siege Tanks or Vultures to clear the Mines. (Vultures will not set the enemy Mines off). A large group of Marines on Attack-Move can also be used as Mine-sweepers, but tight clusters of Mines will still pose a problem.

Vultures with the Ion Thrusters upgrade are excellent worker assassins. With their fast speed, they can be used to move past or around defenses and stop the enemy's mining operations. Bunkers will chew up Vultures, though, so this won't work if your opponent's SCVs are protected. Vultures can also easily and quickly scout the map and watch resource spots to prevent the enemy from taking them over.

Fighting Lots of Battlecruisers
The enemy may decide to defend their town and, as quickly as they can, build large numbers of Battlecruisers. If they are sloppy in their cloak detection, you can used cloaked Wraiths against them, but skilled players will use a Science Vessel to reveal your cloaked Wraiths or use a ComSat Station to reveal them. Another defense against this, (and probably the best) is to use cloaked Ghosts to Lockdown the Battlecruisers, then use Stim Packed Marines, Wraiths, and/or Goliaths to finish them off. EMP can also be used to knock out the Yamato cannons on enemy Cruisers. You can also use a larger number of Battlecruisers yourself.

In this picture, two great Terran fleets of Terran Battlecruisers engage each other. Both have the Yamato cannon, and Yamato blasts from both fleets fire on each other. The Blue Terran fleet attacked the Orange base while it was not defended. Upon finding 5 Starports training Battlecruisers, the Blue fleet destroyed the Control Towers for all 5 Starports and started destroying the Starports as well. The Orange Battlecruiser fleet returned to defend its home.

Some Ghosts with Lockdown should have been kept at the base in Bunkers so they could be used to Lockdown these enemy Battlecruisers.

When the smoke cleared, the Blue Fleet won because the Battlecruisers were at full health, were greater in number, and had more upgrades. Some Science Vessels casting EMP and Defensive Matrix, Goliaths and Ghosts casting Lockdown could have shifted the power to the Orange side.

With some SCVs repairing, these Battlecruisers will shortly be ready for another battle, also giving the Yamato Cannons time to recharge.

Bob Fitch is seen commenting on the battle.

Ghosts and Lockdown
Ghosts and Lockdown can be used against mechanical units . That gives you a lot of targets to Lockdown. Lockdown Wraiths, Siege Tanks in Siege Mode, Dropships, Battlecruisers, or anything that gets in the way. Lockdown is a huge help against most Terran units.

I'm sorry sir, but you won't be landing that Dropship full of troops up here.

A cloaked Ghost sneaks toward the enemy base and keeps a Siege Tank from returning fire by Locking it down. A Barracks is constructed near the enemy base to make attacking easier.

A Ghost with the Moebius Reactor mana upgrade, and full mana can cloak, then Lockdown one or two units, and still have 25 mana left to remain cloaked. You can cloak, and only Lockdown one unit and use that extra 100 mana saved from not Locking down two units and use that remaining mana to stay cloaked longer.

Ghosts do a good job of cutting Terran armadas down to size. In this shot 3 Ghosts and a Marine take on the Terran fleet.

Once the units are Locked down you need to attack them. In this shot some Wraiths, Marines, Goliaths are necessary. Unfortunately only a few Ghosts and the Marine are available, so anti-air troops are being rushed to the scene. Lockdown lasts long enough to give them time to get there. Units that come out of the Lockdown are locked down again using more Ghosts.

A Ghost and four Marines defend a town against a Battlecruiser. The Battlecruiser begins to attack. The Ghost pops out of his Bunker and Locks down the enemy Battlecruiser. The Four Marines exit the Bunker and attack the Battlecruiser once it is safe to do so. If more Battlecruisers were used, another Bunker full of Ghosts was available to be used for Lockdowns. SCVs repair Bunkers as they are attacked. The same strategy could be used against Siege Tanks attacking as well as Wraiths.

It is unclear as to what the enemy intended to do with this Science Vessel. They might have wanted to Irradiate some Marines or Ghosts or Reveal and EMP them. Whatever the case, this Science Vessel didn't make it too far as it was locked down and attacked with this multi-unit offense force.

Ghosts can cut down the defense of a Terran town. In this shot a Ghost cloaks, then while hiding in the trees, casts Lockdown on the two Siege Tanks defending the town. Now the town is open for attack.

In the cover of trees the enemy might have a hard time noticing the Ghost even if they can see it.

Science Vessel
Use the Science Vessel to spot Ghosts and cloaked Wraiths. Cast Irradiate on tightly packed groups of enemy Barracks units, Marines, Firebats, and Ghosts. Use Defensive Matrix on Siege Tanks, Battlecruisers, and Wraiths to extend their life. If you're desperate, a Matrixed Marine amp'd up on a StimPack can take several enemies with him.

EMP groups of Wraiths and Ghosts to hurt their Cloaking. EMP ComSat Stations to stop their Scanner Sweeps. EMP groups of Battlecruisers so they cannot use the Yamato Cannon.

You may find that nukes are less effective against Terrans because of their ample cloak detection, depending on how well your enemy uses it. If you hear the "Nuclear Launch Detected" warning quickly scan your towns for the red dot, and use the ComSat Station to reveal the Ghost. Hopefully you have some unit nearby that can kill the Ghost once it is revealed and prevent the nuke from landing.

Remember, once you spot the dot, move all units away unless they're actively attacking the Ghost, and try to lift-off buildings capable of flight to get them away from the strike zone.

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