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Stim Pack Stim Pack
Cost: 10 Health

Used by Marines and Firebats. Stim Packs are a concentrated dose of synthetic adrenalin and painkillers that allow Firebats and Marines to move faster and fire at a faster rate. The drawback is that using a Stim Pack causes an immediate 10 points of damage to the unit that cannot be prevented. Using multiple Stim Packs does not give any additional bonus, but will cause the unit to take more damage. Stim Packs are not a permanent effect. They last for a few seconds, then the Marine or Firebat reverts back to its normal state. Wait until the first one wears off before using another. Once the Marine or Firebat's hit points are 10 or below, they cannot use another Stim Pack as it would kill them.

Lockdown Lockdown
Cost: 100 Energy
Range: 8

Used by Ghosts. Targets mechanical unit within 5 matrices and shorts out the target's circuitry, rendering it immobile for about 60 seconds. During this time the unit can be attacked and destroyed, but it cannot return fire, move, or respond to any orders.

Lockdown does not work on any biological units, including all Zerg. It is, however, very effective against both Terran and Protoss players, and is generally the best defense against Reavers, Battlecruisers, Carriers, and other high-end units.

Cloaking Cloaking
Cost: 25 Energy to cloak + 1 Energy/second to remain cloaked

Used by Wraiths and Ghosts. Cloaked units disappear to a faint shimmer, and cannot be targeted by enemy attacks or single-unit special abilities like Lockdown. Splash damage and area-affect abilities like Ensnare and Psionic Storm will still affect cloaked units and abilities with visible effects (Defensive Matrix, Irradiate, Plague, etc.) will reveal the cloaked unit. To target a cloaked unit, your opponent must have a unit or tower with cloak detection ability. Parasited units are revealed to the owner of the parasite. Once a cloaked unit is detected any units belonging to or sharing vision with that opponent can target it normally.

Nuke Nuclear Strike
Cost: armed silo requirement

Used by Ghosts. To launch a nuke, you must have first built a Nuclear Silo at one of your Command Centers, and armed it. Once you have an armed silo, any of your Ghosts can spot for it. In order to call down the nuclear strike, the Ghost must remain stationary and "paint" the target with a visible laser. The missile will take several seconds to launch and home in on the target, and if the Ghost is killed or incapacitated during this time the missile will abort and cause no damage. Once the nuke is launched, all players will hear a warning siren and receive the message "Nuclear Launch Detected".

The location targeted by the Ghost is indicated by a red laser dot that is visible to any player with units or buildings in the area. Unless the Ghost has the Ocular Implants upgrade and is targeting from long range, he will be within the blast radius of the nuke when it lands and should be moved away from the area as soon as he is finished targeting (about a second before the nuke actually lands.) Cancelling the nuke before the laser dot disappears will free the Ghost, but the missile is lost.

Units and buildings at ground zero of the nuclear strike will lose either 2/3 of their combined maximum Shield and Hit Points or take 500 points of damage, whichever is greater. Farther out from the blast the damage is lessened, but almost any unit caught within the blast will be killed instantly.

Spider Mines Deploy Spider Mine
Cost: None, but only 3 Mines/Vulture
Range: 3

Used by Vultures. Orders Vulture to plant a Spider Mine at the targeted location. The Vulture must stop over the area briefly and to deploy the Mine. The Mine will take about a second to burrow just underneath the surface, and is vulnerable during this time. Once embedded, friendly units can see the Mine but enemy units cannot without a detector. Any enemy ground units (other than hovering units) that enter the Mine's sight range will activate it. The Mine will pop up out of the ground and attempt to run into the target, exploding in a fiery blast that will damage any unit within a short radius. Air units and hovering units will not trigger Mines, but hovering units might take splash damage from the blast.

Defensive Matrix Defensive Matrix.
Cost: 100 Energy
Range: 10

Used by the Science Vessel. Creates a 250 Hit Point non-regenerating shield around the target unit. After about 60 seconds, the effect wears off even if the shields haven't run out of Hit Points. Note that there is some damage that can "leak" through the Defensive Matrix, causing a unit to take a couple points of incidental damage. Cloaked units surrounded by a D-Matrix are automatically detected by any enemy units, but the extra 250 HP are usually worth it. Using D-Matrix more than once on a unit will replace any old Matrix with the new one-- you can't "stack" D-Matrices.

EMP EMP Shockwave
Cost: 100 Energy
Range: 8

Used by the Science Vessel. Fires a special missile that flies to the targeted point and explodes, releasing a powerful electro-magnetic pulse. Any unit or building within a 3-matrix radius of the blast point will have its shields and energy reduced to zero. This effectively reduces most Protoss units and buildings to half of their normal health, and is crippling to Archons and units with special abilities. The Vessel using the EMP blast is immune to its own effects, but any other friendly unit within the blast area is affected.

Irradiate Irradiate
Cost: 75 Energy
Range: 9

Used by the Science Vessel. Targeted unit is surrounded by an aura of radioactive energy. Any biological unit (including air units) within 2 matrices of the affected unit will suffer damage up to 250 points. The targeted unit will also take damage if it is organic. Irradiating the same target multiple times has no effect, but overlapping fields will each cause damage to units within range. Used correctly, this ability is devastating to the Zerg, since all of their units are affected by the radiation. Target groups of Mutalisks, Guardians, and Overlords-- they are usually packed in tightly together and the irradiated unit can be very difficult to separate.

Yamato Yamato Cannon
Cost: 150 Energy
Range: 10

Used by the Battlecruiser. The Yamato Cannon fires an intense blast of concentrated energy at the target, doing 260 points of explosive damage. Note that the Cannon has a slightly longer range than the Battlecruiser's sight range, allowing you to destroy towers and other defensive structures from a safe distance. Use a ComSat or another unit to spot for your Cruisers.

Scanner Sweep Scanner Sweep
Cost: 50 Energy

Used at the ComSat Station. Targeted on any location, the scanner sweep reveals a 20x20 area of the map for 15 seconds, and provides detection in that area. For some guidelines on using your ComSat stations effectively, check the Cloaking and Detection page.

Medic Healing Healing
Cost: 1 Energy for every 2HP healed
Range: 2

(Brood War Only)
Used by the Medic. The Medic starts with this ability and may use it to heal damage done to any biological units, including the Protoss Zealot, Dark Templar, High Templar and all Zerg ground units.

Medic Restoration Restoration
Cost: 50 Energy
Range: 6

(Brood War Only)
The Medic may use this ability on any unit to remove harmful effects such as Lockdown, Optic Flares, Irradiate, Plague, Ensnare and Parasites (does not affect Stasis Field).

Medic Optic Flare Optic Flare
Cost: 75 Energy
Range: 9

(Brood War Only)
Used by the Medic. The sight range of the targeted unit is permanently reduced to 1 matrix, unless the condition is Restored by a Medic. This also removes any detection ability that unit may possess. The affected unit will display a 'Blinded' tag in its information box when selected.

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