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Queuing Buildings

  1. Select a worker.
  2. Select the building you want to build.
  3. If multiple buildings of the selected type are to be built, hold down the Shift key.
  4. Left-Click on the location(s) where you want the worker to build.
  5. Release the Shift key
  6. Select the building you want to build.
  7. Hold down the Shift key.
  8. Left-Click on the location(s) where you want the worker to build.
  9. Release the Shift key.
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 for as many building types as you want.
Placing Town Halls and Great Halls (Orcs and Humans)
Orcs and Humans should place their Town Halls as close to the Gold Mine as possible. If you place your Town Hall further away, more Peons and Peasants will be needed to mine the same amount of Gold.

Build In A Good Spot
If you build your buildings too close to trees or other objects the units may become stuck when they pop out. Set a building rally point toward the open side so they will come out on the right side. Sometimes you can't help making mistakes. You will have to destroy the trees or the building to free the stuck unit. The worst case is when your Hero becomes stuck. Be careful when you build!

[ Click to Enlarge - 177 KB ]
Ghostridah's Tauren is stuck! A Peon has to chop a tree to free him.

Faster Building (Humans)
Human Peasants can repair buildings while they are being constructed to build them faster. Only the Humans have this ability.

Creating New Buildings
Buildings under construction take full damage. This is mainly to make offensive towering strategies easier to defend against.

Rally Points
Buildings have Rally Points. Click on the Rally Point Button or left-click on a building and right-click where you want units to go when they are produced. Usually, it is best to place all the Rally Points in the same place in a clear area so you can easily group select troops.

You can command workers to build and harvest Lumber or mine Gold by setting the Rally Point of the Town Hall on trees or the Gold Mine.

Rally Points can be set on any unit. This is useful for telling a unit to move to another unit such as a Hero or transport. Select your Barracks and right-click on your Hero to have new units travel to your Hero after they are created. They will move with the Move instruction. But if they happen to be attacked, they will stop and fight along the way. If you are deep in enemy territory, you may wish to disable this option to avoid sending units into Creep camps. It's best to clear out any Creeps along the way to prevent them from intercepting newly created units. You can also select your building and right-click on your Hero Portrait in the top left of the screen to set a Rally Point on that Hero! If a unit is rallied to a unit/Hero that dies, the rallied unit will continue to move towards the last spot the rally target occupied. This happens only when a newly created unit exits the barracks while the Hero is still alive (even if about to die). If - on the contrary - the Hero dies before the unit exits the barracks, that newly produced unit WILL NOT go anywhere. It will stay at the barracks as if there had never been a rally point set, even though the player can see the rally point to be set at the spot where the Hero fell. Once you resurrect that Hero however, the units that exit the barracks after the Hero's resurrection, will again follow the Hero. But those units that where produced in the time after theHero's death and before his/her resurrection will stay idle at the barracks. You will need to give them other orders to prevent them from idling.

If you place the rally point of your altar on your Hero when he is still alive and he dies after that, once you resurrect him (using that particular altar), he will remain at that altar (won't move to where he died). That's because he is actually spawned at the time when he is dead (not on the map).

A Tauren Chieftain with the Reincarnation ultimate ability counts for the purposes of rally settings as alive the first time he dies and leaves a cross behind, indicating that he will reincarnate at that particular spot in a few seconds. Units rallied to him, if they exit the barracks at the time of his 'reincarnation period', will rally to his cross and will have the 'follow' command active as soon as the Tauren Chieftain walks the earth again. When he dies a second time and his soul returns to the altar, he counts as any other dead Hero. The same case is with other Heroes who carry the Ankh of Reincarnation with them.

Rally Points set on transports or Orc Burrows will cause the newly built units to load into them.

Rally pointed units exit the building on the same side as the destination Rally Point is set to.

Group Selecting Buildings
You can group select buildings of the same type and issue commands such as setting Rally Points and training units. You could, for example, select a group of Barracks and tell them all to train a Grunt.

Building Occupied Indicators
Buildings that can contain units such as Orc Burrows or Entangled Gold Mines, will have an indicator showing you how full they are.

Use Buildings as Walls
You can use formations of buildings to act as barriers between you and the enemy and to restrict access into your town.

Offensive Building
The closer the Barracks (or unit producing building) is to the enemy, the faster these offensive units will reach the enemy town. If you have a long distance from the Barracks to the enemy town they will be able to build quite a few units before your units reach their town. Whenever possible send a Peon over near their town and build a Barracks there so you can quickly build units and send them into the enemy town. Some players go so far as to build the Barracks in the middle of the enemy town. You must, however, get them completed and have enough units to protect them for this to be effective. If you see someone building a Barracks near your town, destroy it.

Hide Buildings
When the enemy looks for important basic and advanced buildings, often they look at your main town for them. Sometimes, you can hide important buildings outside your town where the enemy will not notice and find them. Using this strategy, you can sometimes make the enemy think that you do not have these buildings and that you cannot build certain units. They might catch on however once they see units that require those buildings but do not find the buildings that allow those units to be made. Hiding buildings happens more when you have lost your main town and are defended but can also be seen in normal play as well. The downside of using this strategy is that once discovered you must defend these buildings which are usually a long way from your towns and Barracks.

Controlling Towers
Towers such as the Guard Tower, Ziggurat, Ancient Protector, and Orc Burrow can be group selected and aimed at specific enemy units. When an enemy group with a Hero moves into the town, group select the towers and target the Hero.

Hero Trap Towns
Avoid building Hero Trap Towns. A Hero Trap Town is a town built in such a way that units become stuck when they teleport in to save the Town. Leave plenty of room around the Town Hall and leave plenty of exits out of the town.

[ Click to Enlarge - 94 KB ]
In this battle the Hero Trap Town results in the loss of the game. The Huntresses can't get out of the town to reach the Necromancers and kill them. The Necromancers continue to raise Skeleton Warriors and are totally protected thanks to a blocked town. Also many yellow units are stuck in the back and can't reach the battle.


  • Repair cost to take a mechanical unit or a building from 1 HP to full is 35% of the original cost to build the unit or building.
  • Repairing an upgrading building uses the repair time and the cost of the original building.
  • Repair time to take a mechanical unit or a building from 1 HP to full is 150% of the original time to build the unit or building.
  • Base repair cost (before 35% ratio is applied) for upgraded buildings is the sum of costs of initial building and its upgrades.
  • Base repair time (before 150% ratio is applied) for upgraded buildings is within 15% of the time required for last building upgrade.
The following lists returned resources for canceled buildings and upgrades:
Canceled Building Construction: 75% returned
Canceled Research: 100% returned
Canceled Upgrades (structure upgrades) : 75% returned
Canceled Units: 100% returned
Canceled Hero Revival: 100% returned

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