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Warcraft III features quite a few air units. Air units are easier to get and play a bigger role than in Warcraft II, but in Warcraft III there are many more options for countering large collections of air units. Large collections of air units are not as overpowering as they were in StarCraft.

Air units advantages

  • Air units can do hit-and-run attacks. Air units can bypass ground obstacles, get in and attack, and then quickly retreat.
  • If the enemy doesn't counter the air units using spells or units designed to counter air units, air units can sometimes be invincible.
  • Air units can hide in areas of the map where ground units cannot attack them.
  • Air units can reach islands that are not accessible by land travel.
  • Air units can kill Creeps or enemy units to gain experience in hit-and-run attacks away from your Heroes.
Hero Items
There are many Hero items that are good against air units that you can find or sometimes buy.

Air Unit Counter Buildings

Guard Towers
Orc Burrows
Watch Towers
Spirit Towers
Nerubian Towers
Halls of the Dead
Black Citadel
Night Elves
Ancient Protector
Air Unit Counter Units
Many can hit air units
Dwarven Riflemen
Flying Machines - Flying Machines can deal decent damage against groups of air units with the Flak Cannons upgrade.
Siege Engine
Dragonhawk Riders
Water Elementals
Troll Headhunters
Troll Berserkers
Wind Riders
Frost Wyrms
Destroyer - Destroyers are immune to the magic damage that many air units have
Night Elves
Archers (especially when upgraded with range and damage)
Druids of the Talon in Storm Crow Form
Priestess of the Moon
Hippogryph Riders
Air Unit Counter Spells
Healing is great against air units because it allows the ground units or other air units to stay alive until the enemy is dead.


Archmage - Blizzard
Blood Mage - Banish
Mountain King - Storm Bolt
Sorceress - Polymorph (combine with Archmage's Brilliance Aura)
Paladin - Holy Light (vs. Undead)
Raiders - Ensnare (most common defense)
Far Seer - Chain Lightning
Shaman - Purge (slows unit)
Troll Batrider - Unstable Concoction
Shadow Hunter - Hex
Crypt Fiend - Web (most common defense)
Necromancer - Cripple
Death Knight - Death Coil
Lich - Frost Nova
Dread Lord - Sleep
Dread Lord - Carrion Swarm
Night Elves
Priestess of the Moon - Starfall
Warden - Fan of Knives
Warden - Shadow Strike

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