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Creep Jacking is attacking the enemy player while they are trying to Creep (attack the Creeps). This strategy is seen very often in play whether by accident or on purpose. The game play often goes through phases where players are attacking each other, then going back to the Creeps, and back again. It's important that players know how to deal with Creep Jacking to play effectively. Such incidents have the possibility of causing you to lose the game if you're not careful.

The advantage is almost always with the Creep Jacker. They can:

  • pick off your units while they are trying to attack the Creeps. Sometimes newbie players don't even realize they are being attacked by the other player until they've lost a few units or are trapped.
  • possibly steal the item from the Creeps
  • force you to retreat then finish off the Creeps that are already damaged
  • get the killing blow and experience on the Creep
  • force the defender to waste their Town Portal Scroll
The person being Creep Jacked (person fighting the Creeps) only has the advantage if the Creeps end up attacking the Creep Jacker instead! In that case the Creeps can actually turn the tables on the Creep Jacker. So it's best to avoid being Creep Jacked.

The Creep Jacker can find out good times to attack you by scouting with workers or by predicting what Creeps you will try to attack first. For example players usually go for the green dot Creeps first so the enemy often heads there to be ready. The only good defense in this case is to attack some Creeps that players don't usually attack, or to make sure you scout yourself to defend against Creep Jacking. Have a look around before fighting Creeps and possibly put a unit or worker out there to make sure the enemy isn't sneaking up on you. Never attack Creeps when the enemy is very close and coming your way.

Avoiding Creep Jacking

  • SCOUT! Good recon players rarely run into this problem or respond very quickly.

  • If you are attacking Creeps and see the enemy coming up on you, immediately turn and run. But don't run too far. If the enemy stops and starts attacking the Creeps that you've helped soften up, turn around and attack them. The situation is now reversed and the Creeps will be helping you out instead.

  • If the Creep that is known to drop items is almost dead, kill it, get the Item, then run.

  • If you're totally surrounded, use a Town Portal Scroll. It's better to waste the scroll than to lose your whole army. It sucks but it's the best decision.

    [ Click to Enlarge - 157 KB ]
    An Orc player is forced to Teleport away.

  • Immediately pick up items when they drop. If you want them on another Hero, transfer them after you have picked up the item so you won't drop it. If you leave an item lying around there may be units hidden or the enemy might sneak up and grab the item when you're not paying attention. It should be embarrassing to have an enemy player pick up one of your items. But don't lose your whole army trying to pick up an item.

  • Another solution is to quickly attack and destroy the item before the enemy can reach it. This is a good thing to do when you have no more room for extra items.

[ Click to Enlarge - 167 KB ]
A Warden sneaks up on a Human trying to Creep. The Human is forced to run.

[ Click to Enlarge - 173 KB ]
The same Warden attacks at another time. This time the Warden runs in, buys an Invulnerability potion, then attacks while she's immune! Wow!

[ Click to Enlarge - 144 KB ]
A Warden waits hidden with Shadow Meld. As the Ogre dies she steals the item. The enemy didn't even know what happened! =)

[ Click to Enlarge - 169 KB ]
Tray catches Ghostridah. as he is trying to Creep.

[ Click to Enlarge - 170 KB ]
Tray catches Gecko-boy as he tries to Creep. Gecko retreats but Tray uses the Mountain King to Storm Bolt his Crypt Lord. The Footmen then surround the Crypt Lord.

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