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What are some of the new features for Warcraft III?
Learn more here.

Is there a Warcraft III ladder?
There are several ladders in Warcraft III including 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, and 4 vs. 4.

What types of steps are you taking to prevent cheating such as Map Hacking, which happened in previous games?
We are very aware of many of the issues from StarCraft like map hacking, disconnecting, and ladder abuse. We are looking at each of the issues and trying to come up with workable solutions for each. There is no specific information at this time.

Have you done anything to address people that intentionally disconnect to avoid a loss?
Yes. The network model we are using for Warcraft III allows us to appropriately assign losses to people who disconnect in ladder games on our Battle.Net servers.

Is there a separate namespace on for Warcraft III as there was with Diablo II?
Yes. You need to create a new account to play Warcraft III on

How do I create a Game?
This is the primary play option for Warcraft III competition. Joining a game is very simple, you merely select your race and game type and click Start Game. You are automatically matched with other players near your own skill level into the game type you selected. Map preferences are associated with each game type. If you dislike a particular map, you may give it the "thumbs down" to let know you would prefer not to play on that map.

How do I create my own game on a specific map with my own game settings?
Choose Custom Game. The Custom game functionality is similar to how multiplayer games worked with StarCraft. Players may create games that will be broadcast to other players on so they can join in. Players may also make private games and give the game name to specific players to join in. Records are not kept for Custom Games, so this game type is used primarily for user made maps, games versus computer opponents or just casual games among friends or clans.

How do I join the Ladder or play a Ladder game?
Simply choose Play Game or use Arranged Teams. Anyone who plays via those options are considered ladder players. You do not have to play games to qualify for ladder games or pick a specific game template type as you did in StarCraft and Warcraft II Edition.

How do I play a Ladder game against a specific person?
This is not supported. Play Games and Arranged Teams match players anonymously with a player of their skill level.

How can I pick my Color?
You can only pick your color in Custom Games.

How do I take a Screenshot?
Hold down Print Screen. The screenshots will be placed in the "screenshots" directory.

Why don't players drop immediately after I press the drop player button?
There is a hidden voting system in place. A person is dropped when enough people in the game vote by pressing the drop button.

How can I create a password-protected game?
Simply name your game and select Private, then tell your friends what the game’s name is. will also tell your friends the game’s name if you are listed on their friends lists as well.

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