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Can you modify WarCraft III?
With the Warcraft III World Editor, you can create your own 3D maps and even your own complete campaigns. You also are able to create triggers and scripts within each map, as well as adjust the size and color of the many models present in the game.

Is the WarCraft III editor as advanced as the StarCraft editor?
The new editor is much more advanced than the StarCraft editor. You can now replace any of the play-balance statistics. Also, whereas you were previously limited to scripting events through triggers that we provided, you can now create your own innovative behavior scripts and game events, using our extensive scripting language.

Is the WarCraft III World Editor still as easy for non-programmers to use as StarEdit was for StarCraft?
Our goal was to provide an easy-to-use 3D World Editor that anyone can use to make maps. It also contains more advanced features that have steeper initial learning curves to use to their fullest potential.

Does WarCraft III incorporate a tileset system such as StarCraft did, or are all different terrain types accessible on one "world"?
Terrain types are grouped into tilesets in Warcraft III; however, users can create custom tilesets that include elements from multiple tilesets.

Does WarCraft III support the MP3 sound format?
Yes, the editor supports the .mp3 file format.

Are there any interior maps?
Yes. Interior and urban tilesets are available in WarCraft III.

Are indoor levels and such treated as sub-maps that are attached to larger maps, rather than being maps of their own?
Indoor levels are separate full maps that can be linked to outdoor maps by the use of triggers.

Were there any multiplayer campaigns included with the release of WarCraft III?
No, and none are planned at this time.

Can individuals make their own in-game cinematics?
Yes. You can create movies within the game engine to tell YOUR WarCraft story.

Are mapmakers able to do everything that Blizzard can in regards to moving the camera for cut scenes?
Camera movement for in-game cinematic sequences are fully controllable in the map editor.

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