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Can you explain the idea of Heroes and how they work?
Hero units are very special units. They have the ability to advance in levels, collect items in a small inventory and confer special benefits to the units near them.

How do Hero units differ from one another?
Each Hero has different attributes from one another including unique abilities and spells. Heroes can also evolve over time during the game.

What does a Hero receive when he gains a level?
When a Hero levels up, he becomes more powerful through hit points and attack strength. The player can then choose a new special ability for the Hero.

How quickly can a Hero level up?
Low-level Heroes advance quickly, but as they reach higher levels (3-4), they increase levels at a much slower rate. Heroes attain 5-6th level during a game of average length.

How many Heroes can you have at once?
Players can have up to three Heroes.

Can you control more than one Hero of the same type?

Is there a level cap for Heroes?
Yes. The level cap is 10.

Do Heroes' abilities need to be researched?
Not in the same sense as Unit upgrades. Once a Hero levels, you get to spend his ability points to purchase up a level of an existing ability or to purchase a new one. Basically, it's a simplified version of how Diablo II characters work.

What do the unit attributes mean?
Only Heroes have attributes, these being Strength, Agility and Intelligence. Each one affects the Hero's combat, attack speed, and spell casting abilities. As the Hero gains levels of experience, these attributes increase and make the Hero more powerful.

Is the placement of attribute points automatic?
Depending on the Hero "type" (Mountain King, Paladin, etc), their attributes increase automatically as they gain levels. The player does not need to adjust them manually. At higher levels, the differences become rather dramatic as spell-casting Heroes gain higher intelligence values and fighting Heroes gain much higher strength scores.

Is there any possibility of carrying over units (such as Heroes) from one game to the next?
In the single-player campaign, the Heroes are a core part of the game play and story, so you carry them onwards throughout the campaign. In multiplayer, however, you start each game from scratch.

Do Hero units have inventory slots?
Yes. Heroes have an inventory. They have the ability to hold six items.

Do inventory items show on the character on screen, on the portrait, or both?
Inventory items are not reflected on the actual unit art. Items are buttons within the user interface that the player will press to activate item effects.

How do Hero Items work?
Creeps drop Treasure Chests or Items when they are killed. Some Neutral buildings sell items. Each Hero can carry up to six items. Heroes can drop items so that they can pick up or buy new items whenever they want.

What happens to the items Heroes carry when they die?
Heroes keep the items, so when you revive them at the Altar they can still use them.

Can you name your Heroes?
Not within a game, but it is possible within the map editor.

Are the names of the Heroes randomly generated?

How can I get heroes in multiplayer?
You purchase Heroes at your Altar building. All Heroes are available at the beginning of the game. You start with a free Hero. You will need to upgrade your "Town Hall" building to build your next Hero and so on for the third Hero.

How does a player lose the game if Heroes resurrect?
When Heroes die, they may be purchased again (healed for a price) at your town. If players lose all of their buildings, they lose the game.

How much does it cost to have a Hero resurrected?
Revival cost is based upon how much it costs to build the Hero and is further modified by the current level of Hero unit to be revived. For example, reviving a Level 2 Paladin would cost less than training a new Level 1 Paladin, but reviving a Level 10 Paladin would cost much more.

When a Hero is resurrected, does it retain its former level and spells?

How powerful are Hero units? Can one Hero take down several normal units?
First-level Heroes are not very powerful, but as they level up, they may become powerful enough to defeat several normal units single-handedly.

Are there any female Heroes?

Do the NPC races have Hero units?
Yes, there are some unique Heroes that do not belong to player races.

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