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How many players can be in a multiplayer game?
You can play with up to 12 players in a custom game.

How long do games usually last?
One of the aspects of good RTS games that we think people find most appealing is the ability to play quick games. With Warcraft III, we kept our average game length similar to what we have done in previous games.

Do any spells change the environment?
We have many spells that temporarily morph the ground for effect. We also have other spells that have a more permanent effect on the environment.

Is there something where you can "Ping" the minimap of your ally as necessary?
Yes! This Ally Signal is available on minimap.

What are some of the new multiplayer features that were not in StarCraft?
We have lots of new features! Some of the highlights are team ladders, shared units, trading resources, choosing your player color, and observers.

What advantages do players have in allying with one another?
We have greatly augmented the settings and options for allies in Warcraft III. Players can trade resources, share vision, share units and compete on team ladders.

Can allies trade units?
No, but you can allow other players to control your units.

How does Unit Sharing work?
Players have the option to allow specific players to control their units. They can turn it on or off at any time. Players cannot control other players' buildings or build using their resources.

Can players trade resources?
Yes. However, on low and high upkeep there is a tax for trading resources.

Can players pick their colors at the start of multiplayer games?
Yes. You can pick your colors in custom games.

Can you ally with computer players in multiplayer games?

Can you join a game that is already in progress?

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