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How many CDs does Warcraft III require?

How do towns operate in Warcraft III?
Players build a town similar to StarCraft and Warcraft. However, Warcraft III has less emphasis on town building, so most races need fewer buildings than in a game of StarCraft.

Are there any plans to port a Linux version?
We have no plans for versions on other operating systems.

Can some multiplayer game outcomes be attributed to luck based on what items you happen to come across, neutral buildings, and Creep locations?
This "could" be the case, but few games are determined by randomness. Most good players can overcome random RPG elements.

How do quests work?
In single player, you must complete quests to advance to the next mission. Some quests are optional and may be ignored by the player (although they would have received a reward for completing them).

Will there be a map of the week program?
No but we will release maps from time to time.

Does Warcraft III support spawning?
No, the retail version does not include spawning. Each player must purchase their own copy of Warcraft III in order to play multiplayer games.

Are there Single-Player Cheat Codes?
Yes. Click here.

Where do I report bugs?
Please report bugs to Blizzard Tech Support only.

Do you have a list of bugs that have already been reported?
No, we don't have such a list that we can make available. Sorry.

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