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What is the food or supply cap?

Can regular units be upgraded?
Like StarCraft, you are able to research unit upgrades, including spells, that apply globally to all units of a certain type.

Do upgrades change the appearance of units?
No. After examining this feature, we found that, due to the size of the units, the change in appearance never proved obvious enough.

How many units can you select at once?

Can any unit equip additional weapons, armor, items, etc. or is this for Heroes only?
Heroes can obtain items and hold them in an inventory. Certain other units can carry Hero Items once the backpack upgrade has been researched (Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne only).

Do flying units need to land to attack?
Air units have ranged attacks and do not need to land to attack ground units.

Do summoned units have timers?
Most summoned units have timers.

What are Creeps and Critters?
Creeps are neutral units that attack you. Critters are animals like Sheep and Pigs that do not attack and do not fight back if attacked.

Do neutral units attack people's towns?
Creeps defend their campsites and follow you some extent; however, they will not attack your town. They also attack new buildings if you build next to them.

Can neutral units be taunted and drawn out of position by a single unit?
All units have an auto-acquire mode where they attack enemy units within range. You cannot lure them too far away, because they return to their starting position after a short chase.

Can you hire NPCs?
You can only hire NPCs at neutral buildings. The mercenary camp, goblin laboratory and tavern all offer NPCs to hire.

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