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How do I view replays?
Select Single Player. After you have entered that menu, you will see a View Replay button. Click that to see your list of available replays to play. To add new replays, copy the replay file to the replay directory in your Warcraft III folder (for example, C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\replay).

How can I delete replays?
Open the replay directory in your Warcraft III folder (for example, C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\replay) and manually delete the replay files that you no longer want.

Are there any plans to delete replays from inside the game?
There are currently no plans to add this functionality.

StarCraft allowed you to load a game with replays and share them with people on Why canít you do this with Warcraft III? Are you adding it?
We are evaluating replay functionality, but we currently have no plans to add multiplayer replay support.

Will replays work across game versions?
Because of the way that replays are generated, they currently cannot be viewed across game versions. However, weíre investigating methods to overcome this and hopefully can allow it in the future.

Why canít we rewind replays?
A game replay is not the equivalent of a video tape. A replay is a simulation of a previously played game, for which we store only the user interface commands that took place in the game. This means that replays cannot be played in reverse. Rewindable replays would take up hundreds of megabytes of space.

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