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Acolytes are human beings who have given themselves over to the power of Ner'zhul and the Scourge. These bitter, fanatical men and women will stop at nothing to promote the Lich King's will and maintain the secrecy and dominance of the Cult of the Damned. They view their own deaths and the possibility of becoming undead as the ultimate rewards for their service to Ner'zhul.

Level: 1
Cost: 75 1
Unit Type: Normal
Attack Type: Normal
Weapon Type: Normal
Armor Type: Medium
Armor: 0
Ground Attack: 9.5 avg

*(#) = Stats when fully upgraded
Air Attack: None
Cooldown: 2.5
Hit Points: 220
Health Regeneration: Blight
Mana: None
Mana Regeneration: N/A
Range: Melee
Day Sight: 80
Night Sight: 60
Speed: Slow (220)
Build Time: 15
Trained At: Necropolis
Requirements: None
Transport Space
Production Hot Key: C

Acolytes can be Sacrificed at the Sacrificial Pit to create Shades.

Acolytes do not need to maintain buildings under construction. Buildings will continue construction on their own (like StarCraft Protoss).

Acolytes summon a Haunted Gold Mine. They can then collect Gold using their magical powers. Acolytes do not need to carry Gold from the Haunted Gold mine to the Necropolis. You can place up to 5 Acolytes on a Haunted Gold Mine. Haunted Gold Mines do not need to be placed on Blight. Acolytes Unsummon Haunted Gold Mines after they are empty.

Restore (Autocast)
Acolytes can repair Buildings and Mechanical Units automatically when Repair is enabled. Repairing costs Gold and Lumber. If you do not have enough Gold or Lumber you will not be able to repair.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements
None Always Available None

Mines gold from gold mines.
Summon Building
Brings up a list of the available buildings that you may choose to summon.
Unsummons your building to regain 50% of the spent resources.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements
None Always Available None

Unsummon Information
Acolytes automatically Unsummon Haunted Gold mines after they are empty.

If you have run out of money and do not have enough to summon a new Haunted Gold Mine, use Unsummon on some of your non essential buildings to gain enough resources to summon a Haunted Gold Mine.

If you are low on resources and have a town that is under attack and that also cannot be saved, Unsummon the buildings.

Target an Acolyte to sacrifice it and turn it into a Shade. Shades are invisible spirits that can see invisible units. Shades cannot attack.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements
None N/A Sacrificial Pit

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