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Carrion Beetle
These creatures use their fierce mandibles to rip the flesh from the Crypt Lord's foes. Carrion Beetles summoned at higher levels of skill can burrow into the ground, losing their attacks but providing stealthy vision that can be placed strategically. Unlike most summoned units, Carrion Beetles are permanent until slain. Attacks land units.

Level: 1/2/3
Cost: None
Unit Type: Summoned
Attack Type: Normal
Weapon Type: Normal
Armor Type: Heavy
Armor: 2
Ground Attack: 8.5/16.5/24.5 avg

Air Attack: None
Cooldown: 1.5
Hit Points: 140/275/410
Health Regeneration: Blight
Mana: None
Mana Regeneration: N/A
Range: Melee
Day Sight: 120
Night Sight: 80
Speed: Average (270)
Build Time: N/A
Summoned By: Crypt Lord
Requirements: None
Transport Space
Production Hot Key: C

There are three versions of Carrion Beetles represented by the level of the Carrion Beetle ability of the Crypt Lord. Level 2 and Level 3 Carrion Beetles can Burrow. All Carrion Beetles will remain when the Crypt Lord that summons them dies.

The Carrion Beetle digs into the ground and becomes invisible.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time
None None Available to Level 2 and 3 Carrion Beetles None

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