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A Shade is created by sacrificing an Acolyte with the Sacrificial Pit. A Shade is an invisible ground unit without an attack that can see invisible units. This unit is used to spy on the enemy or to look for other invisible units.

Level: 1
Cost: 1
Unit Type: Normal
Attack Type: N/A
Weapon Type: N/A
Armor Type: Medium
Armor: 0
Ground Attack: None

*(#) = Stats when fully upgraded
Air Attack: None
Cooldown: N/A
Hit Points: 125
Health Regeneration: Blight
Mana: None
Mana Regeneration: N/A
Range: N/A
Day Sight: 190
Night Sight: 80
Speed: Fast (350)
Build Time: 15
Trained At: Sacrificial Pit
Requirements: None
Transport Space
Production Hot Key: C

Place Shades next to enemy expansion Gold Mines so that you will know if the enemy attempts to expand there.

Select a Shade and right-click on an enemy Hero. It will follow that Hero wherever they go and by doing that you'll know where their army goes since most players always bring their Hero with their army.

Place Shades in enemy towns so you can see what they are building and doing.

True Sight (Passive)
Reveals nearby invisible units.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements
None Always Available None

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