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Bonus Game
Agent911 vs Zileas
Map: Snowbound
Agent911 Zerg Yellow Top
Zileas Terran Red Mid Left
Length of Match: 31:44


After playing seven hard-fought games to determine the winner of the StarCraft: Brood War Tournament, Zileas and Agent911 just had to play one more game, with Zileas making good his promise to as both players elected to have their species be determined through the Random setting.

Agent911 draws Zerg and Zileas gets Terrans as the all for the fun of it Bonus Game begins!

Agent911 hovers two Overlords near Zileas' base. Zileas, taking offense to the bloated spies, makes Wraiths and then researches Cloaking.

Using the vaunted double Lair strategy, Agent911 goes for a Hydralisk Drop. Zileas, however, finds Agent911's outpost with a Wraith.

Zileas attacks Agent911's Overlord with three Wraiths. Agent911, in the mood to be sneaky, creates some Lurkers. Not to be outdone on the covert front, Zileas uses Cloaked Wraiths to attack while Agent911 defends using Overlords and Hydralisks.

Agent911 tries to drop in his Hydralisk assault force, but is hit by four Wraiths and two Marines. One fully loaded Overlord dies, taking his passengers with him. In the confusion, Agent911 does manage to get some Lurkers into Zileas' base undetected.

Undeterred, Agent911 prepares to go in for another drop, loading up four Overlords. Both players take the brief respite from combat to expand. Zileas sends a squadron of nine Wraiths out on search and destroy patrol. Meanwhile, Agent911 comes in on the right side with his loaded Overlords.

Zileas finds Agent911's expansion outpost and attacks it with Wraiths.

Zileas catches a large group of Hydralisks without an Overlord to provide detection and hammers on them while keeping his fighters cloaked. Agent911 loses his Hydralisks while Zileas simultaneously kills the four Overlords used in the drop maneuver.

More Hydralisks pour in to save Agent911's expansion base located at the top right of the map, and drive off the attacking Wraiths. Seeing that the battle has taken to the air, Agent911 builds a Spire and begins making Mutalisks.

Zileas heads up toward Agent911 with more Wraiths. Agent911, however, still hasn't found the expansion outpost that Zileas has been maintaining. Zileas attacks Agent911's main town with Wraiths and goes straight for the Spire. Agent911 sends in Mutalisks and Hydralisks, forcing the Wraiths to retreat from the town.

The ravenous Zerg are a bit too eager as Zileas baits the Mutalisks out of the detection range of the Overlords and kills a few of them while keeping his Wraiths cloaked.

Seeing that Agent9111 has built up a force of Mutalisks, Zileas begins training Valkyrie missile frigates. Zileas attacks Agent911's expansion with Wraiths, but Agent911 is ready this time and drives them off with Hydralisks.

Zileas constructs a 3rd Command center, intending to fly to another resource spot and start another outpost. Agent911 begins a 2nd expansion in the top left portion of the map. Agent911 loads some Overlords to help support his new expansion as Zileas finds it and attacks with Wraiths and a Valkyrie.

The fledgling expansion is destroyed while Agent911's Hydralisks and Mutalisks head for the middle. Zileas makes two Science Vessels and uses twin Valkyries to support his wing of Wraiths. Zileas brings up a Dropship and prepares to take out Agent911's expansion at the top right with his Science Vessels, eight Wraiths and a Valkyrie.

Agent911 finds Zileas' expansion in the bottom left and annihilates it with Hydralisks and five Mutalisks.

Zileas sets two Siege Tanks above Agent911's expansion and uses his air force to great effect as well. He rains down death from high ground and the skies above.

Zileas uses Irradiate on the defending Hydralisks at Agent911's expansion as the Tanks continue to pound on their targets.

Both players remove each other's expansions from the map, but Zileas still has another expansion in the bottom right quadrant. Agent911 sends in five Guardians along with a mass Hydralisks drop at the bottom of Zileas' base.

The Science Vessels get a real workout as Zileas Irradiates everything in sight and then sends his air force back to defend his main base. Agent911's attack force is promptly slaughtered.

Agent911 drops in more seven Hydralisks at the top of Zileas' main base with a Mutalisk for air coverage but they rapidly fall victim to Irradiation and cloaked Wraiths, killing them as well as their transporting Overlords.

In an attempt to cut the speed at which Agent911 can summon forth more Zerg attackers, Zileas goes Overlord hunting and catches a group of them coming back from an expansion.

Agent911 uses a lone Devourer and seven Mutalisks in defense of his main base as seven Wraiths and a Valkyrie invade.

Agent911 is moving a team of one Devourer and a Guardian when he meets up with a single Wraith. The skirmish begins with the Wraith trying to kill the Guardian. Agent911's Devourer kills the Wraith, the clinging spores of the Zerg attack being used to detect the cloaked Terran ship. Just as victory seems imminent, Agent911's Devourer and Guardian are Irradiated as Zileas brings in a group of Science Vessels.

Agent911 tries desperately to gain another expansion site, but is spotted by a roaming Science Vessel. Agent911 cancels the expansion.

Zileas then Irradiates a group of Overlords and Hydralisks that attempt to take out Zileas' bottom expansion base, and marauding SCVs finish up the job. Agent911 goes for another expansion at the center site, but gives up as Zileas pours on the pressure. Seeing that he is being hemmed in and really has no way out, the virtual handshake a round of 'ggs' are passed around.

Agent911 begins with an Extractor and then a 2nd Hatchery. He continues on with a Spawning Pool, Upgrades both of his Hatcheries to Lairs and then creates a Hydralisk Den.

Zileas starts out with a Supply Depot, a Refinery, a Barracks, and a Factory. This is followed by another Supply Depot, twin Starports, and then adds a Bunker, an Engineering Bay, another Supply Depot and an Armory.

Length of Match: 31:44

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