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Agent911 vs Zileas
Match: One
Map: Fading Realm
Agent911 Protoss Aqua Top Left
Zileas Protoss Red Bottom Right
Length of Match: 22:17

(2)Fading Realm

A Shuttle that fires Scarabs… This illusion would describe just how fast Zileas was able to move a Reaver in and out of a Shuttle, firing the massive war machine's payload almost without the Reaver being seen. Agent911'a goal this game would be to go to the air early in order to kill the Shuttles before they could drop the Reavers. If the Shuttles were destroyed, the Reavers could be easily destroyed as they sat on the ground.

Zileas is the first to get a Pylon built, and is also the first to explore with a Probe.

Both players have Probes guarding the others entrance ridges. Agent911 makes a quick run through Zileas' town with a Probe for a visual update and gets away before being detected. Agent911 then goes for quick Zealots building while Zileas starts off with a Zealot and a Dragoon.

Agent911 makes another lightning Probe run through Zileas' town and again gets away before being detected. Zileas makes the same attempt, but his Probe is spotted, caught and eliminated. From their apparent build orders, Zileas looks to be going for his infamous Reaver tactics, while Agent preps to hunt down Zileas' expected Shuttles with Scouts.

Deciding to explore the map and search for any possible enemy expansions, Agent911 heads out with his first Scout. At the same time he also sends out a lone Zealot to do some scouting of its own on ground. About this time Zileas sends a lone Dragoon to explore. The Dragoon runs headlong into the Zealot, which is quickly joined by two Scouts. After a minor conflict, both players retreat.

Zileas quickly gathers his force of Dragoons and a Reaver in a Shuttle and makes the trek towards Agent911's base. Agent911, however, catches a glimpse of the incoming force with an Observer and braces for the engagement.

The Scouts quickly find the Shuttle and try to hunt it down, but only end up diving headlong into the Dragoon force. Zileas makes an all out attack with his Dragoons and the two forces are soon involved in a heated battle.
The Scouts make short work of the Shuttle and Reaver, but the Dragoon force drives into Agent911's base. The outcome of the battle balances precariously for a time, but with the close proximity of his Gateways, Agent911 manages to fend off the attack with reinforcements of Zealots and Scouts.

After the fight, Agent911 begins mass production of Zealots and Scouts while Zileas continues to warp in Dragoons.

Once his second and third Reavers are constructed, Zileas sends his entire force towards Agent911 once again, only to be caught in the act by an Observer. Agent911's Scouts circle around the entrance ridge and catch the Shuttle from behind in a covert maneuver. Although Zileas does manage to drop his Reavers before the Shuttle explodes, the plodding automatons are now left without their means of aerial transportation.
Continuing to move, Zileas sends his force towards the bottom-left of the map, only to find Agent911's newly planted expansion. He makes quick work of the warping Nexus. Agent911 cancels the building just in time to save some of his investment as his Scouts attempt to eliminate the twin Reavers. He is only able to destroy one of them while losing Scouts.

Zileas then sends his force towards the enemy base, and another heated battle occurs near the center with Agent911 bringing forth Zealots and Scouts while Zileas commands Dragoons and Reavers.

Agent911 sends his Scouts on a Kamikaze run against the Shuttle, but the Dragoons massacre the Scouts -- as are his Zealots.

The still healthy Dragoon contingent continues to move towards Agent911's base, and once again Agent911 is forced on the defensive. Unfortunately this time, he's left with no defenses and Zileas quickly overpowers his adversary.

Agent911 concedes and the sweet taste of victory belongs to Zileas. Had Agent911 been building Corsairs instead of Scouts, he might have been able to pull this strategy off, but the added cost of the Scout compared to the Corsair meant that Agent didn't have enough ground troops to properly defend himself.

Length of Match: 22:17

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