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Agent911 vs Zileas
Match: Four
Map: Sapphire Isles
Agent911 Zerg Brown Mid Left
Zileas Protoss Purple Top Center
Length of Match: 1:21:07

(6)Sapphire Isles

In what could be the last game of the tournament, Agent911 gambles once again by going with a quick double Hatchery strategy and upgrading both of them to Lairs at the same time. From the build, it appears that he's going for a Hydralisk drop, but almost in anticipation of the upcoming siege, Zileas has gone straight for High Templars, has researched Psionic Storm and has even merged some for the additional power of Archons.

Agent911 fills three Overlords full of Hydralisks and, with the speed and transport upgrades floats straight up to Zileas' base. Dropping his deadly cargo on the north side of the base, the Hydralisks move in. Running into two Dragoons and two Photon Cannons, he retreats…
Circling around towards the south side of the base, Agent911 tries attacking once again, but this time is met with three Psionic Storms, and the Hydralisk force is squelched before it could inflict any major damage.

Both players take time during the aftermath to expand: Agent911 to bottom center, and Zileas to top left.

Going on the offensive again, Agent911 brings his newly evolved force of Mutalisks into Zileas' expansion, but they are repelled by a Psionic storm. Rethinking his strategy, Agent911 upgrades the Mutalisks to Guardians. Once mutated, he sends them to assault the expansion with an escort of two Overlords full of Zerglings.
The Guardians are separated rather than placed in a tight cluster, and the casualties from Psionic Storm are limited. The Zerg force is able to pummel its way past several High Templars (using Psionic Storm) and Dragoons, and although the Guardians are killed, the Zerglings who have been sent in waves instead of one mass group, wreck havoc on the expansion. Zileas is forced to let it go as he puts attention elsewhere.

During the battle, both Agent911 and Zileas create another expansion, and both players take a little time to build up once again. Agent911's Mutalisks encounter Zileas' Corsairs as the two engage over Agent911's second expansion…

The Corsairs clear out the Mutalisks without too much trouble, but Agent911 has moved onto his master plan as he fills EIGHT Overlords with Zerglings and mutates a mass of Mutalisks into Guardians. Trying to eliminate Zileas' 2nd expansion at the top right corner, Agent911 hits it hard with the Zerglings and Guardians, but not without being detected…
Zileas is ready when the force arrives, and a massive Psionic Storm assault (backed by Corsairs, Archons and Photon Cannons) decimates Agent911's force of Mutalisks, Guardians and Zerglings. The expansion, though surviving, does undergo severe damage in the process.
Agent911 continues to expand all over the map with 6 bases while Zileas is able to control only 3. He also keeps the pressure on Zileas' second expansion as he fills the skies with Mutalisks. The creatures fly up against Corsairs and Archons and with sheer power, Zileas manages to overpower them temporarily. After reinforcements arrive in great numbers, however, Agent911 finally pounds the expansion into the ground…

Zileas, becoming more desperate for resources, puts a High Templar and Probe into a Shuttle. He begins roaming around the map, using well-placed Psionic Storms against the Drones at Agent911's expansion sites. The Templar commits Zergocide at two expansions before his joyride comes to an end as Hydralisks arrive to quell the threat.

Using one probe, Zileas tries expanding to the bottom right of the map, but is quickly found by Agent911's ravaging Mutalisks and is shut down all too soon. Continuing his hit-and-run tactics, Zileas continues to attack Agent911's expansions across the map and soon Drones are dropping like – well – Drones….

Although Zileas is being extremely efficient with his High Templar, Agent911 still has the advantage of sheer numbers and puts them to use in a HUGE assault against Zileas' main base. Beginning with a gathering of Mutalisks which he morphs into Guardians, Agent911 begins loading Overlords with Hydralisks, Zerglings and Lurkers and sends them to the base. In the meantime, Zileas finds the waiting Guardians with Corsairs and the massive grouping is massacred in mid-air…

Continuing with the assault Agent911 drops his land-based force just outside of Zileas' main base, but is faced with a seemingly endless series of Psionic Storms. Zileas survives the encounter with a minimum of loss, while proceeding to harass Agent911 at every one of his expansions with an impressive number of Psionic Storms, keeping the Zerg swarm's productivity to a minimum.
Zileas, making a bold offensive maneuver of his own, brings over 6 Corsairs and Shuttle loads of Reavers, Archons, and High Templars and maims Agent911's main base in the blink of an eye. Agent911 tries to pump Hydralisks from other bases through to his Nydus Canal but as they arrive Reavers and Archons blast them.

Mutalisks finally come to the rescue and, while they kill the ground force, they in turn are hit by one last Psionic Storm and are seriously injured. Agent911 decides to cut his losses, and mutates the injured Mutalisks into Devourers. He is forced to defend once again as Zileas sends another assault force to one of Agent911's expansions.

With the help of mass Zerglings and Devourers, Agent911 is able to fend off a 2nd main base attack, consisting of Corsairs and High Templars. Zileas retreats before losing his Corsairs.

At this point, Agent911 has a total of 9 bases. Zileas has 3, and is attempting to claim one more. Agent911, seeing the new expansion at the top center location on the map, sends in massed Mutalisks and Devourers. More Psionic Storms and a group of Corsairs thwart the huge force as Zileas is able to establish another expansion.
Zileas continues his renewed reign of terror by moving Corsairs and Templars from base to base, decimating hordes of Mutalisks with a minimum of effort.

However, after LONG LAST, Agent911 makes a mass of Queens and begins his hunt for the elusive High Templars.

After a few more skirmishes along the border, Zileas clears out another force of Mutalisks and Lurkers from the top right and makes his 3rd expansion there. He quickly supports his new site with Archons, Reavers and Corsairs. Agent911, continuing to create aerial forces, morphs more Mutalisks into Guardians and Devourers, although he has yet to utilize his Queens to assassinate the High Templars.
Finding Zileas' latest expansion attempts, Agent911 brings up a huge group of Mutalisks, Guardians and Devourers as well as a few dropped Hydralisks while suffering MAJOR losses from Psionic Storm.
Agent911 holds on for a few minutes more and pounds on Zileas' new Nexus. Although they manage to level the Nexus, reinforcements from Zileas' main base arrive in time to drop and destroy the Zerg force. Agent911 pours on the pressure by continually hitting the expansion until finally he kicks Zileas out of the precious node and takes it for himself.
Agent911 then makes his move towards Zileas' final mining expansion and sends almost all of his forces on an assault run. Although a large portion of the Mutalisks, Guardians, Devourers and Hydralisks are slaughtered by multiple Psionic Storms, Agent911 has enough left to overpower his opponent and with sheer numbers is able to crush the expansion.

With no resources, Zileas makes a final attempt to survive and tries attacking one of Agent911's expansions. He is promptly denied as the Templars find themselves dropped in the midst of hidden Lurkers and Sunken Colonies, and after a battle of truly epic proportions, Zileas concedes defeat.

Length of Match: 1:21:07

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