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Agent911 vs Zileas
Match: Five
Map: Winter Conquest
Agent911 Zerg Red Bottom-Center
Zileas Protoss Green Top-Left
Length of Match: 14:24

(6)Winter Conquest

Agent911, knowing that Zileas -- despite his mastery of micro-management -- could be beat, prepared to make a strong assault against his opponent. Zileas, having lost a close game and knowing that one victory was all he needed, made plans to end it here. Who would be victorious?

Zileas makes his first Zealot and scouts the map with a Probe. The wandering worker finds Agent911's expansion and glides past it into his enemy's main base, pushing past two Zerglings.

The Zerglings make short work of the Probe while Zileas sends two Zealots on their way. The Zealots holds outside of the base and Agent911 sends a mass of Zerglings to attack.

Three Zealots see the Zerglings advancing and beat a hasty retreat. Zileas meets up with two more Zealots and moves back to his base.

Zileas stations 6 Zealots to defend the ramp leading into his base. Agent911's Overlord finds the enemy base but almost dies as it runs into a well placed Photon Cannon.

Zileas sends his first Dragoon out and eliminates the retreating Overlord. Zileas then built a Shuttle and used his 2nd Dragoon to kill another Overlord. During this slaughter, Agent911 stakes out a second expansion at the top right of the map.

Agent911 sends out two Zerglings for some exploration.                                                                            

Zileas summons his first Reaver and loads it into the Shuttle, expecting that Agent911 has gone with heavy ground troops as is indicated by the mass of Zerglings he has already encountered. Agent911, however, has a surprise in store as he has already amassed 5 Mutalisks at his base. He begins evolving a Queen's Nest while Zileas advances forward with 3 Dragoons, 6 Zealots and a Reaver.

The Mutalisks engage the group outside of Agent911's first expansion and are able to kill the Dragoons. The Zealots, however, make their way into the Zerg base with the Shuttle and Reaver still intact. The Zealots make their way straight to the Spire and destroy it.

Through continued production and superior positioning, a full wing of 12 Mutalisks survives the battle. The Mutalisks charge Zileas' town and find it defended by 5 Dragoons and a Photon Cannon.

The Mutalisks go directly for the Dragoons and Photon Cannon. In the chaos generated by the caroming assault, Zileas accidentally attacks his own Nexus.

Agent911 kills all the Probes gathering resources and with 3 outposts is generating massive groups of Mutalisks. As the Mutalisks move in to decimate any Dragoons that attempt to exit through the Gateways, Zileas concedes his position and the game.

Length of Match: 14:24

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