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Agent911 vs Zileas
Match: Seven
Map: Showdown
Agent911 Protoss Red Top
Zileas Protoss Yellow Bottom
Length of Match: 19:34


The last match has Zileas starting as Protoss and Agent911 letting the gods choose guide his way by selecting Random. Zileas is the first away with a Probe, seeking greater knowledge of his opponent's plans, as well as what species he is playing! After Zileas finds that Agent911 is also a Protoss player, Agent911 sends a Probe down to scout out the enemy. Agent911 finds Zileas' base and spots the 2nd Gateway.

Zileas sees Agent911's Robotics Facility, which leads to the production of Dragoons. Zileas sends his first Dragoon squad after the wayward Agent911 Probe.

Agent911 has warped in a couple of Dragoons and chases away Zileas' Probe. After dispatching the enemy Probe, Zileas returns his Dragoon back to his base. Agent911 prepares for some harassment by loading up a Shuttle with two Dragoons.

Agent911 sends his Shuttle down to Zileas' base by skirting the right edge of the map. Zileas already has five Dragoons as defenders while Agent911 has four Dragoons built, two of them in the Shuttle on the way in. Zileas uses his first Shuttle for aerial reconnaissance.

Agent911 moves in to drops off his Dragoons on the ridge above Zileas' base, and his Shuttle takes a few hits from Dragoon fire before unloading. Zileas also drop two Dragoons on the plateau, and it's a 2-on-2 battle. The scales are tipped in favor of Zileas as he moves in some more of Dragoons to help from the low ground.

Zileas prepares to get his game under way as a Reaver shimmers into view. Agent911 sends down another Shuttle load of lovin'. Zileas now has eight Dragoons and a Reaver, which he loads onto his Shuttle while researching the range upgrade for his Dragoons. Agent911 sends down a Reaver in a Shuttle and attacks Zileas' base.

An old fashioned shoot out starts with Shuttles and Reavers as the weapons of choice.

Zileas rushes in five Dragoons to shoot down Agent911's Shuttle as it tries to whisk the damaged Reaver to safety, destroying both the transport and the cargo. Agent911 splits his concentration just long enough to expand to the island located at the top right quadrant of the map. Both players send their Dragoons to the middle, Zileas sending out six Dragoons and a Reaver for support in a Shuttle. Agent911 sends only five Dragoons, but has the heavy artillery of 2 Reavers in his Shuttle.

The two forces collide and Agent 911 uses his drops his 2 Reavers into the center of the battle. Being too close to evade concentrated Dragoon fire, the Reavers are decimated all too soon and Zileas wins the contest with a damaged Dragoon and a his Reaver remaining,

Agent911 runs the gauntlet with a Shuttle carrying a Reaver. Zileas regroups and goes on the offensive with five Dragoons. The players pass each other on opposite sides of the middle as they carry out their separate attack plans.

Zileas has left three Dragoons at his base for defense, and uses the rest of his forces to attacks Agent911.

Zileas concentrates on clearing Agent911's Reaver from the battlefield first, giving Agent911 five Dragoons to defend against the three Dragoons and the deadly Shuttle/Reaver combo of Zileas. Agent911 quickly calls back his Shuttle and Reaver, ready to do the dance of death. Zileas immediately goes for the Probes mining minerals with his Reaver, letting his Dragoons act as a delaying force against Agent911's defenses. He deftly takes out all of Agent911's Probes as Agent911 sends his remaining two Dragoons to kill the Reaver or Shuttle.

The tide of the battle starts sweeping over Agent911 as Zileas manages to take out the base's defenses and workers with a single Shuttle/Reaver combo. Agent911 has a Shuttle and Reaver of his own, but is unable to stop Zileas as his drop/fire/reload into Shuttle technique is just too well executed.

Agent911 finally drops off two Reavers at the same time and catches Zileas' Reaver on the ground. Although he has destroyed the blasted construct, Agent911 has lost all of the Probes at his main base.

Zileas has been constantly building while executing his attack, and five Dragoons and another Reaver-bearing Shuttle are on their way. Agent911 brings two Reavers into Zileas' base and loses both (one of which had no Scarabs at drop time) without doing any damage to the defending Dragoons.

Zileas locates and brutally dismantles Agent911's expansion outpost with a Reaver and - as they say - the fat lady sings…


Agent911 begins the final game with a Pylon, a Gateway, an Assimilator, and a Cybernetics Core. He continues on with a 2nd Pylon, a Robotics Facility, a 3rd Pylon, a Robotics Support Bay, a 4th Pylon, a 2nd Gateway, and finally, a 5th Pylon

Zileas works his way to victory by constructing a Pylon, a Gateway, an Assimilator and a Cybernetics Core. He then adds a 2nd Gateway, a 2nd pylon, a Robotics Facility, a 3rd and 4th Pylon, a Robotics Support Bay and finally an Observatory.

Length of Match: 19:34

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