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Agent911 vs Zileas
Match: Three
Map: Forsaken Valley
Agent911 Terran White Bottom-Right
Zileas Protoss Red Top-Right
Length of Match: 37:08

(4)Forsaken Valley

Agent911 starts the game with a bold maneuver, making an early expansion attempt with a 2nd Command Center flying to the pit expansion at the left side of the map.

Agent911 BARELY manages to evade detection from a scouting Probe as his Command Center flies into the pit. Zileas, meanwhile, has already rocketed up the tech tree and is preparing to make his move with Reavers. Agent911 discovers the Robotics Facility working on a Reaver with his roving SCV, and tries to prevent the incoming Reaver drop by constructing Bunkers near his mineral fields.

Zileas makes the anticipated move for the Reaver drop and just as the Shuttle arrives, Agent911's first Tank sets into Siege mode, which blasts the Reaver as it emerges from the Shuttle. An escorting Zealot manages to work his way past numerous defenders to pummel the Siege Tank as the Reaver goes about its work of giving Agent911's SCVs the rest of the day off. The Tank goes down, but not before seriously damaging the Reaver so a group of Marines can finish the job.

As the Shuttle attempts a getaway, Agent911's first Wraith kills it in mid-flight. After a short respite, Agent911 uses his Wraiths to find Zileas' first expansion at the center-right location and begins attacking.

Trying to make quick work of the base, Agent911 sends over two Tanks and more Wraiths and begins a full-scale assault.

In the meantime, Zileas has managed to sneak a Dark Templar into Agent911's main base that, sadly, is completely free of detectors. Soon, all of Agent911's SCVs are terminated. Agent911 rushes to get a Science Vessel researched and constructed, but in the process makes a key mistake by not lifting off his Command Center at his main base to prevent the Dark Templar from destroying it. His first Science Vessel helps him to stay in the game for a little while longer, but just as he saves his main base from total collapse his expansion is hit hard by Zealots, High Templar and a Reaver.

This time Agent911 remembers to lift off his Command Center and moves it to the right above the pit. He beings rebuilding his bases as his fleet of Wraiths and accompanying Science Vessel go hunting for ground units. He also manages to start a 2nd expansion at the right side of the pit and continues to hold on.

Although Zileas has a damaged expansion, he keeps pressuring Agent911. By micro-managing a Reaver, a Zealot and a High Templar, the 2nd expansion is forced to move. Wraiths are sent in as reinforcements to try and salvage the area, but Psionic Storms are let loose once again and all of the Wraiths are destroyed.

Zileas, keeping a more watchful eye towards shutting down Agent911's economy, begins setting Observers over all major resource nodes. Finding his enemy has moved his expansion on the ridge, Zileas continues the onslaught with a Dark Templar, but is beaten back by desperate SCVs and a Science Vessel.

In a last-ditch effort, Agent911 brings over a Siege Tank and several Marines to Zileas' 1st expansion. His troops start pounding away, but the now familiar crackle of Psionic Storm again reigns supreme (with a small assist by supporting Scouts) as the entire terran force bites the dust.

Having gained near absolute power over the map, Zileas begins closing in on Agent911 using High Templars, Scouts and Zealots. Finding yet another attempt for expansion by Agent911 at the south point of the map, Zileas quickly puts it down and moves towards Agent911's 1st expansion. Zealots, dropped in by Shuttle, execute the SCVs as Agent911 brings up support with his Science Vessel, Wraiths, and several Tanks. He is foiled again, as the Psionic Storms and Scouts make short work of the Wraiths, despite being protected by a Defensive Matrix this time around. The remaining Tanks are chased down and wiped out by the Scouts and Zealots.

However, with continuing reinforcements pouring in, Agent911 narrowly escapes defeat Zileas brings down the hammer one more time with Scouts, Zealots and High Templars as Agent911 tries his best to fend off the advancing Protoss by constructing a Bunker, a Tank and Wraiths. His Command Center is forced to lift off as Agent911 forced to retreat, however, as the hastily grouped defenses are smashed.

Agent911 does manage to clear out the offending force from the 1st expansion area and promptly sets his Command Center down again. But Zileas, having the resources to employ pure brute force, simply overpowers his adversary at the expansion with a large group of Scouts, Zealots and a Reaver. For the third time in one night, Agent911 is forced to raise the frustrated white flag.

Length of Match: 37:08

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