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Agent911 vs Zileas
Match: Two
Map: Snowbound
Agent911 Terran Aqua Bottom Center
Zileas Protoss Red Mid Right
Length of Match: 28:40


Both players immediately move straight up the tech tree on this island-based map, and while Zileas looks to be building a little more defensively with Photon Cannons, Agent911 appears to be heading straight for a Marine/Siege Tank drop.

After getting his first Dropship, Agent911 fills it with four Marines and one Siege Tank and moves out. After circling around Zileas' base, Agent911 unloads deadly contents of the Dropship onto the ice below the base and proceeds to pummel the nearest Gateway with his Tank in Siege mode.

Zileas, however, catches the Dropship with a Corsair and, just as Agent911 drops the payload of a 2nd Dropship filled with two Siege Tanks, Zileas fires off a perfectly timed Psionic storm. All the supporting Marines are killed and two of the three Siege Tanks are severely damaged.

With only the minimal air support of one Wraith, the Corsair quickly chews through the Dropships as the remaining Tanks are killed off by another Psionic storm.

In retaliation, Zileas launches a Shuttle drop of his own and catches Agent911's first expansion located right above Agent911's main base -- with Zealots, Dark Templar, and Scouts. The Command Center is forced to lift-off and return to a safe haven within the main Terran encampment.

Agent911, realizing his dilemma, begins scouting around with a Wraith and discovers that Zileas has expanded to top-right and has already fortified the location with Photon Cannons. Making another attempt to expand, Agent911 sends his flying Command Center over to the bottom-left of the map, but is caught once again by enemy Corsairs.

The Corsairs begin their assault on the Command Center, but are unable to cause enough damage before the cavalry arrive in the form of cloaked Wraiths.

Agent911 begins to pressure Zileas' expansion with two Siege Tanks and Marines, but they are foiled AGAIN by a deft usage of Psionic Storm. Deciding to go for it all, Agent911 sends a force of Wraiths on a suicide mission and pours Marines into the expansion, only to fall prey to more devastating Psionic Storms, an thus losing the entire force.

During the skirmish, Agent911 has managed to set up an expansion base at bottom-left resource node and supports it with Marines, Bunkers, Missile Turrets and Wraiths. They make their first defense against a High Templar and Zealot without heavy losses.

Zileas makes the move for a second expansion located at the top-center of the map at the same time that Agent911 makes a second press towards the top-right expansion. Agent911 carefully prepares an assault force of Siege Tanks, Marines and Wraiths, but unfortunately (for Agent911), all under the watchful eye of an Observer. A Scanner Sweep would have been ideal to reveal the Observer, and then destroyed it with the Wraiths. By using this method, he could have cleared the map of the Observers and saved himself a lot of trouble.

Corsairs make quick work of the Wraiths and a Dropship, but as they move in for the kill on the 2nd Dropship, they fly right into a Psionic Storm above Agent911's Tanks. Although two Corsairs are lost in the process, Zileas proves he's still got plenty left as he brings up another High Templar with Zealot support, and rids himself of the Siege Tank threat above his expansion.
Agent911 makes another attempt to expand to mid-left location, but falls prey to the Observer's supreme reconnaissance abilities once again. Zileas finds the expansion and, accompanied by regrouped Corsairs, drops several Zealots and High Templars into its midst. During the carnage, another of Agent911's Command Centers is forced to take to the air.

Zileas, keeping the pressure on, sends a High Templar over to Agent911's 1st expansion and, with another deadly Psionic Storm, manages to kill Agent911's entire group of mineral-gathering SCVs in one fell swoop.

Trying to stave off the attack with a large group of Wraiths, Agent911 moves in to drive off the Shuttle, but finds his Wraiths heavily damaged by another well placed Psionic Storm.

Being one to never give up, Agent911 begins ANOTHER attempt to expand to bottom-right of the map. He is, however, caught by the ever-watchful eye of Zileas and, after a futile effort to defend with his damaged Wraiths, Agent911's 3rd expansion falls to Scouts, Corsairs, Dark Templar, and Zealots.

His attempts to expand constantly thwarted, and beginning to feel the crunch of resource starvation, Agent911 is again forced to concede.

Length of Match: 28:40

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