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Agent911 vs Zileas
Match: Six
Map: Medusa
Agent911 Zerg Orange Top Right
Zileas Protoss Yellow Mid Left
Length of Match: 26:57


After building his 2nd Nexus at an expansion node, Zileas continued on with his Probe to explore the map. Although Agent911 quickly attacked Zileas' expansion with a Zergling, the brave Probes rejected the attack.

Agent911's Overlord finds Zileas' town and is hit by Photon Cannons.                                                                                    

Agent911 sends a bunch of Zerglings to hit Zileas' expansion. Three Zerglings started chasing a Probe while the others went to attack the expansion. Five in total made it through to the expansion, but were cut down by two Photon Cannons.

Three Mutalisks head out to attack the Protoss expansion. Two more of the feared flyers join their brethren and commence the attack from a position where the Photon Cannons cannot reach.

Agent911 goes straight for a Hive. Zileas builds two more Photon Cannons at his expansion base, bringing the total to four. He also begins to summon High Templar, secreting them at his main base.

Agent911's Mutalisks hit the expansion Extractor while staying out of range of the deadly Photon Cannons. As more Photon Cannons come online, Agent911 is forced to withdraw -- but not before destroying the Assimilator.

Agent911 starts a second expansion at the middle right part of the map.                                                                                    

Zileas brings a High Templar to his expansion.                                                                                    

Agent911 has upgraded to a Greater Spire and morphs five Mutalisks into Guardians. He then attacks Zileas' expansion and is in turn assaulted by numerous Psionic Storms. Four Guardians give their lives for the greater good of the swarm…

Zileas has run his Templar out of energy and cannot summon another Psionic Storm. Agent911 seizes the opportunity to create six more Guardians while Zileas builds a second expansion at the bottom left local. Agent911 sends in his next batch of Guardians, but separates them out so they cannot be so easily slain by a single Psionic Storm. He loses but one Guardian to the High Templar's attacks and the hovering beasts are able to push their way into the base as several defending Templar are killed.

Zileas abandons the base with his Probes and makes a run for the border. Agent911 starts up his 3rd expansion at the bottom right spot on the map. The rampaging Guardians destroy the Nexus at Zileas' new expansion, causing Zileas to construct a Stargate, post haste. He nobly defends his base with five High Templars, unleashing seemingly hundreds of Psionic Storms. Zileas sneaks four Zealots around the top of the map and plans attack Zerg outpost.

Agent911 goes toward Zileas' second expansion with a wing of seven Guardians. Mutalisks spot the disruptive Zealots within a Zerg base and attack them while the Zealots threaten to make short work of the Drones.

Zileas uses Psionic Storm against the Guardians that are attacking the bottom left expansion, but Agent911 moves the Guardians apart so that only one can be hit at a time. Zileas sends in a Corsair and attacks the Guardians that are currently undefended. Agent911 comes in on the ground with a host of Zerglings under covering fire provided by the Guardians. The Corsair quickly dispatches the Guardians while Zileas directs a flurry of Psionic Storms towards the Zerglings. Zileas picks up the Templar in a Shuttle, and then moves them a short way away. He fires off more Psionic Storms, killing piles of Zerglings, and then retreats back into the Shuttle. Although he is defending his holdings as best he can, the fact that he only controls his main base is hurting Zileas.

Agent911 destroys the entire expansion. Zileas hastily builds two Gateways and four more Pylons in his base. Agent initiates a 4th and 5th expansion, the last being placed where Zileas' 2nd expansion was located. Agent911 now has grouped seven Guardians, eleven Devourers and around twenty Mutalisks just outside of Zileas' final outpost.

Two attacks commence! Zileas starts by sending a large group of Corsairs, Zealots and Dragoons to attack Agent911's main base.

As Agent911 assaults his target, Zileas defends the outpost with Psionic Storm.

Agent911 defends his town with a group of Mutalisks as Zileas goes straight for the Greater Spire. Amidst the battle, he is able to destroy the source of the Zerg airborne assault. Agent911 sends in Zerglings to attack the ravaging Zealots.

On the other side of the map, Agent911 powers his way in to Zileas' base with Guardians. Zileas, seeing that he will not be able to hold back the overwhelming swarms of Agent911's Brood, surrenders.

Length of Match: 26:57

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