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An Owl Scout summoned by the Priestess of the Moon which can be used to scout the map.

Level: N/A
Cost: None
Unit Type: Summoned
Attack Type: None
Weapon Type: None
Armor Type: Invulnerable
Armor: Medium
Ground Attack: None

*(#) = Stats when fully upgraded
Air Attack: None
Cooldown: N/A
Hit Points: 40
Health Regeneration: N/A
Mana: None
Mana Regeneration: N/A
Range: N/A
Day Sight: 100/150/220
Night Sight: 100/150/220
Speed: Average (270)/Fast (350)/Very Fast (450)
Build Time: N/A
Summoned By: Priestess of the Moon
Requirements: Scout
Production Hot Key: C

Owls are invulnerable and can be controlled. Higher level Owls last longer, can see further, and are faster.

The Owl can be incredibly important when used to camp over the enemy's army.

True Sight (Passive)
Reveals nearby invisible units.
Spell Immunity (Passive)
Renders this unit immune to negative spells.

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