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Serpent Ward
Summons an immobile serpentine ward to attack the Shadow Hunter's enemies. Lasts 40 seconds.

Level: 1/2/3
Cost: None
Unit Type: Summoned
Attack Type: Pierce
Weapon Type: Missile
Armor Type: Heavy
Armor: 0
Ground Attack: 12/24.5/43

Air Attack: 12/24.5/43
Cooldown: 1.5
Hit Points: 75/135/135
Health Regeneration: Always
Mana: None
Mana Regeneration: N/A
Range: 60
Day Sight: 120
Night Sight: 80
Speed: None
Build Time: N/A
Summoned By: Shadow Hunter
Requirements: Serpent Ward
Production Hot Key: W

There are 3 levels of Serpent Wards. The Serpent Wards increase in damage and hit points at higher levels. The Serpent Ward is magic immune so don't try to dispel it.

You can aim Serpent Wards. Simply double click on one of the Serpent Wards to select all of them, then right-click on the unit you want to attack. Hold down the alt key to see which enemy units are nearly dead.

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