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Alphabetical Skill Listing

Amplify Damage (Necromancer: Curses)
Arctic Blast (Druid: Elemental)
Armageddon (Druid: Elemental)
Attract (Necromancer: Curses)
Avoid (Amazon: Passive and Magic Skills)
Axe Mastery (Barbarian: Combat Masteries)

Bash (Barbarian: Combat Skills)
Battle Command (Barbarian: Warcries)
Battle Cry (Barbarian: Warcries)
Battle Orders (Barbarian: Warcries)
Berserk (Barbarian: Combat Skills)
Blade Fury (Assassin: Traps)
Blade Sentinel (Assassin: Traps)
Blade Shield (Assassin: Traps)
Blades of Ice (Assassin: Martial Arts)
Blaze (Sorceress: Fire Spells)
Blessed Aim (Paladin: Offensive Auras)
Blessed Hammer (Paladin: Combat Skills)
Blizzard (Sorceress: Cold Spells)
Blood Golem (Necromancer: Summoning Spells)
Bone Armor (Necromancer: Poison and Bone Spells)
Bone Prison (Necromancer: Poison and Bone Spells)
Bone Spear (Necromancer: Poison and Bone Spells)
Bone Spirit (Necromancer: Poison and Bone Spells)
Bone Wall (Necromancer: Poison and Bone Spells)
Burst of Speed (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines)

Carrion Vine (Druid: Summoning)
Chain Lightning (Sorceress: Lightning Spells)
Charge (Paladin: Combat Skills)
Charged Bolt (Sorceress: Lightning Spells)
Charged Bolt Sentry (Assassin: Traps)
Charged Strike (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills)
Chilling Armor (Sorceress: Cold Spells)
Claw Mastery (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines)
Claws of Thunder (Assassin: Martial Arts)
Clay Golem (Necromancer: Summoning Spells)
Cleansing (Paladin: Defensive Auras)
Cloak of Shadows (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines)
Cobra Strike (Assassin: Martial Arts)
Cold Arrow (Amazon: Bow and Crossbow Skills)
Cold Mastery (Sorceress: Cold Spells)
Concentrate (Barbarian: Combat Skills)
Concentration (Paladin: Offensive Auras)
Confuse (Necromancer: Curses)
Conversion (Paladin: Combat Skills)
Conviction (Paladin: Offensive Auras)
Corpse Explosion (Necromancer: Poison and Bone Spells)
Critical Strike (Amazon: Passive and Magic Skills)
Cyclone Armor (Druid: Elemental)

Death Sentry (Assassin: Traps)
Decoy (Amazon: Passive and Magic Skills)
Decrepify (Necromancer: Curses)
Defiance (Paladin: Defensive Auras)
Dim Vision (Necromancer: Curses)
Dodge (Amazon: Passive and Magic Skills)
Double Swing (Barbarian: Combat Skills)
Double Throw (Barbarian: Combat Skills)
Dragon Claw (Assassin: Martial Arts)
Dragon Flight (Assassin: Martial Arts)
Dragon Tail (Assassin: Martial Arts)
Dragon Talon (Assassin: Martial Arts)

Enchant (Sorceress: Fire Spells)
Energy Shield (Sorceress: Lightning Spells)
Evade (Amazon: Passive and Magic Skills)
Exploding Arrow (Amazon: Bow and Crossbow Skills)

Fade (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines)
Fanaticism (Paladin: Offensive Auras)
Fend (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills)
Feral Rage (Druid: Shape Shifting)
Find Item (Barbarian: Warcries)
Find Potion (Barbarian: Warcries)
Fire Arrow (Amazon: Bow and Crossbow Skills)
Fire Blast (Assassin: Traps)
Fire Bolt (Sorceress: Fire Spells)
Fire Claws (Druid: Shape Shifting)
Fire Golem (Necromancer: Summoning Spells)
Fire Mastery (Sorceress: Fire Spells)
Fire Wall (Sorceress: Fire Spells)
Fireball (Sorceress: Fire Spells)
Firestorm (Druid: Elemental)
Fissure (Druid: Elemental)
Fist of the Heavens (Paladin: Combat Skills)
Fists of Fire (Assassin: Martial Arts)
Freezing Arrow (Amazon: Bow and Crossbow Skills)
Frenzy (Barbarian: Combat Skills)
Frost Nova (Sorceress: Cold Spells)
Frozen Armor (Sorceress: Cold Spells)
Frozen Orb (Sorceress: Cold Spells)
Fury (Druid: Shape Shifting)

Glacial Spike (Sorceress: Cold Spells)
Golem Mastery (Necromancer: Summoning Spells)
Grim Ward (Barbarian: Warcries)
Guided Arrow (Amazon: Bow and Crossbow Skills)

Heart of Wolverine (Druid: Summoning)
Holy Bolt (Paladin: Combat Skills)
Holy Fire (Paladin: Offensive Auras)
Holy Freeze (Paladin: Offensive Auras)
Holy Shield (Paladin: Combat Skills)
Holy Shock (Paladin: Offensive Auras)
Howl (Barbarian: Warcries)
Hunger (Druid: Shape Shifting)
Hurricane (Druid: Elemental)
Hydra (Sorceress: Fire Spells)

Ice Arrow (Amazon: Bow and Crossbow Skills)
Ice Blast (Sorceress: Cold Spells)
Ice Bolt (Sorceress: Cold Spells)
Immolation Arrow (Amazon: Bow and Crossbow Skills)
Impale (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills)
Increased Speed (Barbarian: Combat Masteries)
Increased Stamina (Barbarian: Combat Masteries)
Inferno (Sorceress: Fire Spells)
Inner Sight (Amazon: Passive and Magic Skills)
Iron Golem (Necromancer: Summoning Spells)
Iron Maiden (Necromancer: Curses)
Iron Skin (Barbarian: Combat Masteries)

Jab (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills)

Leap (Barbarian: Combat Skills)
Leap Attack (Barbarian: Combat Skills)
Life Tap (Necromancer: Curses)
Lightning (Sorceress: Lightning Spells)
Lightning Bolt (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills)
Lightning Fury (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills)
Lightning Mastery (Sorceress: Lightning Spells)
Lightning Sentry (Assassin: Traps)
Lightning Strike (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills)
Lower Resist (Necromancer: Curses)
Lycanthropy (Druid: Shape Shifting)

Mace Mastery (Barbarian: Combat Masteries)
Magic Arrow (Amazon: Bow and Crossbow Skills)
Maul (Druid: Shape Shifting)
Meditation (Paladin: Defensive Auras)
Meteor (Sorceress: Fire Spells)
Might (Paladin: Offensive Auras)
Mind Blast (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines)
Molten Boulder (Druid: Elemental)
Multiple Shot (Amazon: Bow and Crossbow Skills)

Natural Resistance (Barbarian: Combat Masteries)
Nova (Sorceress: Lightning Spells)

Oak Sage (Druid: Summoning)

Penetrate (Amazon: Passive and Magic Skills)
Phoenix Strike (Assassin: Martial Arts)
Pierce (Amazon: Passive and Magic Skills)
Plague Javelin (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills)
Poison Creeper (Druid: Summoning)
Poison Dagger (Necromancer: Poison and Bone Spells)
Poison Explosion (Necromancer: Poison and Bone Spells)
Poison Javelin (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills)
Poison Nova (Necromancer: Poison and Bone Spells)
Polearm Mastery (Barbarian: Combat Masteries)
Power Strike (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills)
Prayer (Paladin: Defensive Auras)
Psychic Hammer (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines)

Rabies (Druid: Shape Shifting)
Raise Skeleton (Necromancer: Summoning)
Raven (Druid: Summoning)
Redemption (Paladin: Defensive Auras)
Resist Cold (Paladin: Defensive Auras)
Resist Fire (Paladin: Defensive Auras)
Resist Lightning (Paladin: Defensive Auras)
Revive (Necromancer: Summoning Spells)

Sacrifice (Paladin: Combat Skills)
Salvation (Paladin: Defensive Auras)
Sanctuary (Paladin: Offensive Auras)
Shadow Master (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines)
Shadow Warrior (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines)
Shiver Armor (Sorceress: Cold Spells)
Shock Wave (Druid: Shape Shifting)
Shock Web (Assassin: Traps)
Shout (Barbarian: Warcries)
Skeletal Mage (Necromancer: Summoning Spells)
Skeleton Mastery (Necromancer: Summoning Spells)
Slow Missiles (Amazon: Passive and Magic Skills)
Smite (Paladin: Combat Skills)
Solar Creeper (Druid: Summoning)
Spear Mastery (Barbarian: Combat Masteries)
Spirit of Barbs (Druid: Summoning)
Static Field (Sorceress: Lightning Spells)
Strafe (Amazon: Bow and Crossbow Skills)
Stun (Barbarian: Combat Skills)
Summon Dire Wolf (Druid: Summoning)
Summon Grizzly (Druid: Summoning)
Summon Resist (Necromancer: Summoning Spells)
Summon Spirit Wolf (Druid: Summoning)
Sword Mastery (Barbarian: Combat Masteries)

Taunt (Barbarian: Warcries)
Teeth (Necromancer: Poison and Bone Spells)
Telekinesis (Sorceress: Lightning Spells)
Teleport (Sorceress: Lightning Spells)
Terror (Necromancer: Curses)
Thorns (Paladin: Offensive Auras)
Throwing Mastery (Barbarian: Combat Masteries)
Thunder Storm (Sorceress: Lightning Spells)
Tiger Strike (Assassin: Martial Arts)
Tornado (Druid: Elemental)
Twister (Druid: Elemental)

Valkyrie (Amazon: Passive and Magic Skills)
Vengeance (Paladin: Combat Skills)
Venom (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines)
Vigor (Paladin: Defensive Auras)
Volcano (Druid: Elemental)

Wake of Fire (Assassin: Traps)
Wake of Inferno (Assassin: Traps)
War Cry (Barbarian: Warcries)
Warmth (Sorceress: Fire Spells)
Weaken (Necromancer: Curses)
Weapon Block (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines)
Werebear (Druid: Shape Shifting)
Werewolf (Druid: Shape Shifting)
Whirlwind (Barbarian: Combat Skills)

Zeal (Paladin: Combat Skills)

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